9 Of Taemin's Best Stage Performances

SHINee’s Taemin recently released his latest single “2 KIDS,” and what better way to celebrate than with a list of some of his best stage performances! Not only is he one of the best dancers in K-pop, but his vocal ability has grown to be as powerful as his dancing. Check out the list below!

1. “Move”

The slow, captivating dance for “Move” is absolutely mesmerizing. Taemin’s dance skills are off the charts, and his stable vocals are something to be praised for sure. You can feel his passion in every move, and the synchronicity with his dancers is insane.

2. “2 KIDS”

Just as quick as the official video was released, fans were surprised with this stunning live version. Taemin’s effortless performance is outstanding, and only makes fans want his new album sooner!

3. “Guess Who,” “Soldier,” and “Goodbye”

This medley is beyond amazing. His stage outfit matches the tone of the performance and shows off the fluidity of his moves. This stage is compelling to watch, and you can see the genius in Taemin’s art.

4. “Famous”

There needs to be more appreciation for the “Famous” dance! It has so many intricate moves that fit in time with the song that it’s actually crazy how he keeps on the beat! Even though this looks like really tough choreography, Taemin again makes it look easy. His dance skills are like no other!

5. “Love”

“Love” is one of those songs that just needs to be performed live. The strength in his vocals is showcased here, which just proves that his passion to perform is deep.

6. “Want”

The simplicity of this performance is what makes it so good. Taemin faultlessly dancing alone on a big open stage, what more do you need? With the entire crowd chanting his name, it’s pretty safe to say that his stage presence could be felt throughout the entire place.

7. “Replay”

This mini version of “Replay” is everything! From the soulful opening, to his ad-libs at the end, this hit of nostalgia is flawless!

8. “Sayonara Hitori”

There is something magical about this performance. The camera work is enchanting and captures every single one of Taemin’s ethereal movements. His passion for dance can be seen so distinctly that you won’t be able to pull yourself away.

9. “Itsuka Kokode”

Multi-talented Taemin shows off his raw talent in this performance. His angelic yet powerful voice resonates through the stadium, and his perfect piano playing just leaves us wondering, “What can’t he do?” After performing mainly as a dancer before his solo debut, this shows the mistake people made when they didn’t believe he could be a singer alone.

That’s it for the top nine stage performances by Taemin. If this could be endless, it would be!

Let us know which Taemin performance is your favorite in the comments below!

vb2608 is a long time K-pop lover and Shawol. An aspiring writer and K-beauty obsessed, you can see more of her on Instagram.

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