NeonPunch Announces Official Disbandment And Plans For Some Members To Debut In New Group XUM

NeonPunch’s agency A100 has announced that the group will be disbanding.

On August 11, A100 took to NeonPunch’s official Twitter to make the announcement, which reads as follows:

Hello, this is A100.

The debut date of NeonPunch’s unit group XUM is approaching, and after much consideration, we announce that NeonPunch will be disbanding as of August 11. We are sincerely sorry that people will not be able to see NeonPunch as a group again, although many people have been waiting for them.

A100 and the members of NeonPunch worked hard with a goal of making a comeback in May 2019, but due to the worsening economic situation of the agency, as well as the suspension of activities for two members, that date continued to be delayed.

There were many factors this year, including the COVID-19 pandemic, that led us to the conclusion that it will be difficult to maintain the girl group NeonPunch, and the decision was reached for the group to officially disband.

Regarding the members who suspended their activities (Dohee and May), it is still difficult for Dohee to resume activities due to personal reasons and May is currently taking a break as she is committed to her studies, so plans for their future activities are uncertain.

However, we at A100 are determined and promise to return with the new girl group XUM for all the fans who have been waiting, as well as for the members who will be making another debut through the group (Dayeon, Baekah, and Iaan).

We wish to express our gratitude to the NeonPunch members for being with us for the past three years, and we hope you will continue to support the members’ future activities.

We sincerely apologize to all fans who sincerely cared for and loved NeonPunch. Thank you.

NeonPunch made their debut on June 27, 2018 and their last comeback was on January 30, 2019 with the release of their first mini album “Watch Out.” XUM is set to make their official debut in August.

We wish the members all the best in their future endeavors!

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