Joo Won Shares What Drew Him To His Role In

Joo Won and Kim Hee Sun are gearing up for the premiere of their new drama, “Alice”!

“Alice” is a sci-fi thriller about a detective who discovers the existence of time travel (Joo Won) and crosses paths with a scientist who resembles his dead mother (Kim Hee Sun). Together, they race to solve a special secret that involves time travel and fate.

Joo Won’s character, Park Jin Gyeom, is a detective who was born with a lack of emotion. For this role, the actor must juggle his character’s explosive action scenes with this lack of emotion. Joo Won is known for taking on diverse roles and new challenges in his filmography, with several of his projects going on to receive great love from the public.

Asked why he chose “Alice” as his first project after mandatory military service, he said, “I was drawn to the extremely new concept and the appealing character. Everyone can relate to a story about a mother, but the time-slip concept introduced here is new. I thought that it felt more fresh than any other project.”

Joo Won also talked about the difficulties of expressing a character’s inner thoughts without emotion. He explained, “Park Jin Gyeom was born without emotion, but he was able to grow with the help of his mother’s hard work. I couldn’t express emotions like other people, so I tried to show things through his gaze. I tried to act emotions with as little expression as possible. There are some things that touch Park Jin Gyeom’s heart, so I wanted those to have as much impact as possible.”

“Alice” also released stills of Kim Hee Sun preparing for her role in an action thriller. Kim Hee Sun also has a diverse filmography, ranging from youth dramas, trendy dramas, melodramas, thrillers, and other genre projects. One of her more recent dramas, “Woman with Dignity,” was the highest-rated drama on JTBC at the time.

In “Alice,” Kim Hee Sun takes on a fresh genre in the form of a sci-fi thriller. She plays two different characters with the same face as well as two different ages, from her 20s to her 40s. The production staff stated, “Kim Hee Sun is recognized as one of Korea’s top stars and actors. But she poured her unparalleled passion, affection, and hard work into ‘Alice.’ The other actors and staff members were motivated by her desire to do her best for each filming. Please look forward to seeing her true merit in ‘Alice.'”

“Alice” premieres on August 28 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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