Kwak Dong Yeon Leaves FNC Entertainment + Signs With New Agency

Kwak Dong Yeon has found a new agency!

The actor was previously housed under FNC Entertainment, but his contract came to an end in June of this year.

On August 13, an industry representative shared that Kwak Dong Yeon signed an exclusive contract with an agency created by former KeyEast executive Hong Min Ki.

Later on the same day, H& Entertainment confirmed that the agency signed an exclusive contract with the actor.

H& Entertainment is a new management company established by Hong Min Ki, who has been with KeyEast for a long time, and Kwak Dong Yeon will continue his activities under his new agency.

Kwak Dong Yeon debuted in 2012 through the drama “My Husband Got a Family,” and he has shined in various dramas such as “Love in the Moonlight,” “Fight My Way,” and “My ID is Gangnam Beauty.” He has recently been cast in the new tvN drama “Vincenzo” starring Song Joong KiJeon Yeo Bin, and 2PM’s Taecyeon.

Watch his latest drama “Never Twice” below:

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