Kang Sung Hoon Responds To Claim That He Swore At And Shoved A High School Student

Kang Sung Hoon has issued an official response to a post that has been circulating online.

On August 12, a person who said she was an 18-year-old (Korean age) female high school student shared a post to an online forum. She alleged that she had first posted on another site but that the post had been suspended.

In the post, the person stated that she lived in the same neighborhood as Kang Sung Hoon. He was out alone to sort his garbage when she accidentally bumped into him and he dropped what he was holding. The person said that although she had never spoken to him before, he got angry and spoke harshly to her. As she had bumped into him, she apologized three or four times and said that she would pick up the items for him.

However, she said that Kang Sung Hoon swore at her and shoved her away. “He pushed me so hard that I almost fell over and I could see his handprint,” she wrote. “I called my friend the next day to talk about it and he overheard me. Apart from sexual taunts, I heard every swear word that I could imagine that day. I got sworn at more that day than I ever had in my life.”

She continued, “I was scared and put my head down, avoided his eyes, and said I was sorry. Kang Sung Hoon put his finger on my chin, moved my head violently, and asked if I knew what I had done wrong. I acknowledged that I had been caught swearing about him on the phone and that I had made him spill his garbage. But unless one side decided to collide on purpose, aren’t both parties somewhat responsible for a collision? Of course, if you were holding a lot of things like Kang Sung Hoon was, it could be difficult to avoid someone. I understand he could be angry that he dropped everything he had collected.”

“But isn’t it going over the line to shove someone so hard you leave a handprint and they almost fall over? It’s not like I didn’t apologize. I said I was sorry and that I would clean it up. Is it defamation to tell the truth? I can’t defend myself if I made something up, but tell me why it’s defamation to write about something someone did to me? Even if your image is tarnished because of what I upload, isn’t that a self-inflicted wound? There would be no posts like this if you didn’t behave like that in the first place.”

To explain this last paragraph, the poster shared a screenshot that showed that her post on the other site had been taken down for violating laws about defamation. The post suspension request was filed by someone who claimed to be the victim of the defamation.

Kang Sung Hoon shared his response on his official website.

Hello, this is the manager in charge of Kang Sung Hoon’s website.

The post that is circulating online about Kang Sung Hoon is not true and absolutely false.

A few days ago, several fans sent us information about a post that had been uploaded to the “N” website.

It was so absurd and groundless and clearly untrue, so instead of taking legal action, we first asked Naver to suspend the post.

However, the person shared their false post to another website and continued to make false claims and defame our artist.

We judged that this person had a malicious intent, so we filed a complaint for defamation on August 13 at the police station in Yeongdeungpo, Seoul.

We would like to state strongly once again that the situation that the person describes did not happen and that it is completely false.

We will continue to respond strongly without leniency to those who defame our artist and hurt him through false posts.

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