SuperM Shares Stories From Comeback Recording, MV Filming, And More + Talks About Future Plans

SuperM told stories about their comeback, talked about their own future plans, and more!

On August 14, SuperM returned with a live countdown show on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel as the group and their fans prepared for the release of their new single “100.” Ahead of its release, the guys chatted about what they’ve been up to.

Taemin talked about how’s been working on his upcoming solo album. Previously, his solo comeback was pushed back due to a wrist injury. He shared during the broadcast, “There was an unfortunate incident where I was injured, but I’ve recovered.” His track “2 Kids” was released earlier this month as the prologue to his album “Never Gonna Dance Again,” and he mentioned that the album will be coming out in two parts.

Kai also spoke about his much-anticipated solo debut. “I’ve got a solo album coming out too,” he said. “I’m recording it, I’m preparing it now. It won’t take much longer, so please look forward to it a lot. I’m also doing well and I’m healthy, and I’m working hard at exercising.”

Kai pointed out that Mark’s hair is now pink, and Mark said, “I’ve changed my hair a lot while promoting with NCT, but to give a spoiler, this isn’t for NCT.”

Baekhyun also shared that the SuperM members had filmed a reality show. Kai promised that there are a lot of really entertaining parts in the show, and he encouraged fans to look forward to it.

SuperM showed during the broadcast how they’ve become closer as they complimented each other and more. Taeyong said, “I’ve come to just trust in whatever Taemin says. I believe that I just need to do what Taemin suggests we do. Kai has also treated me like a friend. He really feels like a friend.”

The guys talked about how they’ve grown musically as well. Taemin said, “The members did a really great job recording the b-sides. I’m getting ahead of myself here, but the title track for the full album is really cool.”

“The full album title track is a combination of two songs,” said Baekhyun. “Check it out to see what kind of synergy it creates. The two songs were combined, but both the songs are included on the album. It’s like SuperM.”

Mark took part in writing the rap lyrics for their new song, and he said, “The message of the song is that I’m hoping that when fans listen to it, they’ll get 100 percent of my energy.”

He continued, “Everyone liked it when we first heard it, but after we recorded it and heard it in our own voices, it was even better.”

Ten shared, “The steps are really important in the ‘100’ choreography. Our legs move really fast with movements like cooking.”

Kai also talked about a story behind their music video filming. “The fans see the completed MV, but when we’re filming, we film in front of an empty background,” he said. “There were a lot of awkward parts.”

He went on to say, “When we filmed on set, there was a set that created effects. Baekhyun and I have a big height difference. But for the first time, Baekhyun and I looked like we were a similar height. I think it’ll be fun if you look for that kind of thing in the MV.” Baekhyun joked, “I was really happy” and encouraged fans to be excited for the MV.

As they ended the show, Baekhyun said, “I think we had a great time with everyone.” He added that he felt like they’ve grown closer while talking about each other’s strengths and filming their reality show. “I feel like we’re a family,” he said. “Please look forward to a lot of different music and content from SuperM.”

SuperM’s full album “Super One” will be released on September 25.

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