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Train” is hurtling toward its climactic finale!

“Train” is an original OCN drama about two parallel universes that formed after a fateful choice on the night of a murder. Yoon Shi Yoon stars as Seo Do Won, a violent crimes detective at the Mu Kyeong Police Station. In universe “A,” Seo Do Won lives with a sense of guilt because of his father’s sins. In universe “B,” his father’s crimes lead him into a life of corruption.


In episode 10, “A” Seo Do Won faced off against Suk Min Joon (Choi Seung Yoon), a serial killer and the real culprit behind the Mu Kyeong house murder case 12 years ago. In a shocking development, Seo Do Won learned that the person who killed “A” Han Seo Kyung (Kyung Soo Jin) was Oh Mi Sook (Lee Hang Na), who was also transporting the bodies between the worlds. In the end, Seo Do Won was also shot by Oh Mi Sook.

Evidence of the true killer

Although Suk Min Joon freely confessed to being the real culprit behind the case 12 years ago, he asked, “Have you found the bodies I killed?” He said that if they could not find the bodies of his victims, then he could not admit to his crimes. Seo Do Won and “B” Han Seo Kyung struggled to find the evidence they needed, but with no luck. As Suk Min Joon left the investigation room, he said that there was still one victim left and that he intended to commit more crimes. Seo Do Won theorized that the bodies were still in universe “B,” and headed to the 8210 train to find them. It was here that he learned about Oh Mi Sook and was shot, throwing a wrench into his plans to find evidence to convict Suk Min Joon.

The final target

Who is Suk Min Joon’s final intended victim? Before he left, Suk Min Joon showed Seo Do Won the ring that belonged to Han Seo Kyung’s mother and said, “I will show you this ring again on the hand of the person who is closest to you.” Seo Do Won believed his next target to be Han Seo Kyung. Meanwhile, Han Seo Kyung dug into Suk Min Joon’s past and discovered that his rare disease is passed down through maternal genes and also that he seemed to have changed his last name. Han Seo Kyung then ran into the Mu Kyeong Police Station, saying she knew who the next target was.


Will Seo Do Won and Han Seo Kyung be able to meet again? After seeing a photograph from his desk, “B” Han Seo Kyung learned that the woman that “A” Seo Do Won described as, “Someone I took care of, someone who was family, the woman that I loved” was her “A” counterpart. But “A” Seo Do Won was shot as the 8210 train moved from universe “B” to universe “A.” Will Seo Do Won remain in the “A” universe that he came from, or will he be able to reunite with “B” Han Seo Kyung?

The next episode of “Train” airs on August 15 at 10:30 p.m. KST. The final episode of the drama airs on August 16.

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