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With the halfway mark around the corner, “Flower of Evil” is not wasting time pulling out all the stops. The deadly truth about Baek Hee Sung (Lee Joon Gi) and Do Hyun Soo was revealed this week, and Cha Ji Won’s (Moon Chae Won) search for the truth has finally begun. Packed with thrilling action sequences, fluttery first kisses, and more, here are the things we loved and hated about episodes 5 and 6.

Warning: spoilers for the episodes below. 

LOVED: The mystery surrounding Do Hae Soo

So far there hasn’t been much of a reveal about Hee Sung’s estranged sister Do Hae Soo (Jang Hee Jin). Although she claims not to know anything about her father’s crimes and the whereabouts of her brother, there is definitely more to her than meets the eye. In episode 5, she has a chilling interaction with one of the reporters that have crowded around her home. While she appears timid and apologizes to them saying she has no information to offer, one reporter tries to goad her to come out by saying he can tell she is pretty. Her eyes immediately ice over, and they stare at each other for a paused moment as the reporter’s smile fades.

Just before this scene, it is revealed that she is the one who gave Jung Mi Sook’s matching keychain with Park Kyung Choon (Yoon Byung Hee) to Hee Sung. While he says someone gave it to her at the funeral in episode 6, we only have his word to go by as the flashback of this scene doesn’t indicate how she received it.

These scenes together make you wonder, could she be a killer like her father? Usually, when the psychology of a killer’s child is explored in dramas, the narrative always points to the son. While “Flower of Evil” is no exception given that Hee Sung’s character is used as a vessel for this topic, it’s awesome that they may possibly explore it with Hae Soo as well. Hopefully within the next few episodes, we will get to learn more about her character and what part she played in the past.

LOVED: Cha Ji Won and Baek Hee Sung’s flashback scene in spring

Despite the life-changing secret that lies between Hee Sung and Ji Won, every week their scenes seem to reaffirm Hee Sung’s declaration that they were made for each other. Their flashback scenes provide a lot of insight into their relationship, and the flashback from these episodes has to be the best one to date.

Ji Won is still going strong in her pursuit to win Hee Sung over as he pushes her away. While he tells her all the reasons she shouldn’t be interested, she tells him he only has one problem: that he can’t see himself the way she sees him. She tells him that she will love and support him and help him learn things that he doesn’t know. She briefly kisses him after her confession, and this causes Hee Sung’s hallucination of his father to disappear. After they break apart, Hee Sung kisses her more passionately than before.


This scene really shows how their characters have seemingly come and fit together over the years despite Hee Sung’s deception. Ji Won is the first person who has so openly embraced him and showed him the love and support that he didn’t get from the people in his hometown. While he’s used to everyone assuming he’s a monster, Ji Won doesn’t see him that way. Despite his claims of not feeling any emotion, you can tell that Hee Sung is moved deeply by Ji Won when he goes in for another kiss. It’s very endearing and makes his lies feel even more poignant. How could he deceive someone who he clearly cares so deeply for? In turn, this scene also speaks to Ji Won’s optimism and determination. As the narrative has reinforced, she believes the evidence that she sees. Instead of assuming the worst about Hee Sung when he confesses about the darker parts of him, she offers other solutions. Ji Won is helpful, intelligent, kind, optimistic, and empathetic, and it’s these intrinsic traits that she shows off at any given moment that also speak to her capabilities as a detective. This also pairs nicely with our next love: her investigation of the truth.

LOVED: Ji Won discovering the truth and investigating Hee Sung

The best part about episodes 5 and 6 is the range of emotions that Moon Chae Won displays as she acts out Ji Won’s reactions to Hee Sung’s kidnapping, near-death experience, and confession of his true identity. Moon Chae Won effortlessly delivers the exasperation, worry, agony, and anger that Ji Won feels all at once during these scenes. The most pivotal scene that connects all of her reactions together is when Ji Won discovers who her husband really is.

After regaining a periodic moment of consciousness in his hypothermic state, Hee Sung admits his true identity to Ji Won, who he is hallucinating to be Hae Soo. The scene comes right after a confrontational scene between Ji Won and Hee Sung where Ji Won admits that he can never know what she went through in the past 10 days when he was unconscious. What makes these scenes even more noteworthy is that Ji Won doesn’t hesitate to begin an investigation of her own. She takes forensics equipment from her office, heads home, and like a total badass, breaks into the cellar in her husband’s workspace and checks for blood.

It’s commendable that Ji Won is the first one to find out the truth. Usually in dramas when there is a secret detrimental to a relationship, the person it will hurt the most will be the last to find out. Earlier in the episodes, viewers discover that Yoon Sang Pil (Im Chul Hyung) has always been wary of Hee Sung. The show easily could’ve let him discover the truth and have to decide whether or not to tell Ji Won. However, “Flower of Evil” defies these expectations and lets Ji Won take charge. She’s intelligent, cunning, and determined to get to the truth. Unlike everyone else in the drama who has been quick to determine Hee Sung as an emotionless killer, Ji Won knows there has to be more than what meets the eye given the relationship he has with their daughter. Despite her close ties with the case, she seems like the perfect detective for it. Instead of jumping in impulsively to deliver the wrath of justice, she vows to scope out the most fitting punishment. She’s such a well-rounded character and it’s really gratifying to watch.

LOVED: Hee Sung’s confrontation with Park Kyung Choon

If there’s anything that “Flower of Evil” proves every week, it’s that it knows how to keeps viewers guessing. While last week the narrative cast large doubts on whether or not Hee Sung is a murderer, this week has you holding your breath once again. A thrilling and cunning scene this week is the confrontation Hee Sung shares with Park Kyung Choon.

With instructions from his faux father Baek Man Woo (Son Jong Hak), Hee Sung disguises himself to get into Kyung Choon’s room. While the doctors say Kyung Choon is unresponsive despite his successful surgery, it is quickly revealed that he faked it knowing that Hee Sung would come to kill him. Poised with a syringe at his IV drip, Hee Sung and Kyung Choon begin to continue their conversation about Mi Sook’s murder. Kyung Choon admits that he had doubts about if Hee Sung was truly the murderer, while Hee Sung asks what it felt like when Kyung Choon learned about Mi Sook’s death.

This scene keeps you guessing the whole time. The way their conversation is spliced against the scene of the detective rushing back after realizing he left Kyung Choon in the hands of a killer is genius and makes the reveal that he isn’t dying even more satisfying. Much like Mu Jin (Seo Hyun Woo) and Hee Sung last week, these two come together and form an unlikely alliance. Now that Kyung Choon knows that Hee Sung isn’t a killer, it will be interesting to see how he pursues the truth. While it may be difficult due to his imminent incarceration, this probably won’t be the last we see of him. Hee Sung’s question about Mi Sook’s death is also a very memorable part of this scene. It all pairs neatly against his scenes with Ji Won, as despite the tension that is rising in their relationship, he is trying his best to understand her. The dynamics in the show become even more tangled every week and keep viewers itching for more.

HATED: Baek Man Woo encouraging Hee Sung to kill

If there’s one thing that viewers are beaten over the head with every week, it’s how little faith most of the characters have in Hee Sung not being just like his father. Worried that his secrets may come to light due to Hee Sung’s predicament, Baek Man Woo wastes no time in suggesting to Hee Sung that they need to get rid of Park Kyung Choon. He already has everything planned out, and all Hee Sung has to do is agree and carry out the mission.

This scene is striking because Man Woo comes off to be just as despicable as the person he believes Hee Sung to be. Watching this scene brings about the same question Hee Sung asked—why doesn’t Man Woo just kill Kyung Choon himself? He already has a detailed plan and has no sense of hesitation for the plan to be put into motion, so what makes him so different from someone who will commit the crime? He just comes across as pompous, and it’s hard to watch. However, while Man Woo’s behavior is annoying to watch, it does also add to why “Flower of Evil” is entertaining. Every week, the drama asks viewers to consider morality and the roles other people have when another life is taken.

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