TREASURE Shares Stories From Filming

TREASURE appeared as the latest guest on Naver NOW’s “Midnight Idol”!

After debuting on August 7, TREASURE has been taking the world by storm with their debut single “BOY.” Host Ha Sung Woon mentioned their monster rookie status, pointing out that they had topped iTunes charts in countries all over the world and surpassed 10 million views for their music video in only 26 hours. The group replied, “We are deeply moved.”

The TREASURE members continued, “When we received our album, even though it was what we’d been working on, we felt giddy and excited. We thought, ‘This is our start; our first door has opened.'”

Regarding how those around them had responded to their debut, the boys shared, “We teared up with emotion when our family members said, ‘You worked really hard.'”

Previously, Choi Hyun Suk had mentioned wanting to help with the interior designing of his parents’ home with his first paycheck. He remarked, “When I was younger, I often went to exhibitions with my parents. I promised them then that when I got older and made money, I would help them with their interior designing.”

Later on, TREASURE talked about their hobbies, with Junkyu sharing, “I’m good at and enjoy origami.” Jihoon added, “Skateboarding is my hobby.” Yoshi commented, “My hobbies are drawing and making beats.”

Choi Hyun Suk shared, “My hobby is shopping,” to which Ha Sung Woon joked, “Don’t you have to help your parents with interior [designing]?” Choi Hyun Suk responded, “I want to buy clothes to wear when I go look at furniture with my mom.”

The group then began answering listeners’ questions, including how the 12 members throw birthday parties for each other. They answered, “If we can, we all get together to celebrate. We should surprise each other, but since we all know each other’s birthdays, the members end up waiting [to be surprised].”

While talking about filming their music video, Haruto discussed the scene he filmed on a diving board. He explained, “To be honest, I don’t really like heights, but I do have a memory of bungee jumping. However, my legs were still shaking.” Choi Hyun Suk talked about filming the scene in which he was spinning a basketball, revealing, “I got an urgent basketball-spinning lesson from Mashiho [beforehand].”

The group also talked about their dorm life, and Jihoon commented, “We live divided in half [into two dorms]. I haven’t faced any problems with the bathroom, because I live with the members who shower quickly.” Choi Hyun Suk added, “We just wash up together.”

TREASURE picked their youngest member So Jung Hwan as the one who takes the longest time to shower, to which he adorably responded, “I’m trying to shorten my shower time.”

When asked to send a message to their future selves from one month later, Junkyu said, “In a month, I think you guys will be a really cool and more mature TREASURE. Since there are lots of people supporting us, and we’re all supporting each other, let’s keep growing as a really cool TREASURE!”

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