ITZY Shares Stories From Filming

ITZY sat down to talk about their new album!

On August 17, ITZY officially released their third mini album “Not Shy” along with a music video for the title track of the same name.

Yeji summarized the message of the title track as “Don’t be shy and express yourself with confidence.” She mentioned that since it was the group’s first love song, they worked hard to show fans a new side of themselves. Yuna added, “When I first heard the song, I could feel how charismatic it was while also having a bright and energetic feel. I was really excited to get to show everyone a new side of us!”

When asked for their opinions about the best part of “Not Shy,” Yeji answered that the group’s performance would be something to look out for. Lia agreed, adding, “The part of the performance where we move all together from one side of the stage to the other is really fun. Also, I think the bridge of the song conveys our pent-up and heightened emotions really well.”

Ryujin and Yuna both said that they thought the line in the chorus, “Not shy, not me,” was the best part, while Chaeryeong answered that she thought the “Snap snap” and “Sweep sweep” lyrics were most memorable. “If you’re curious, go check out our song!” she teased.

Moving on to the other tracks included in the album, nearly all of the members selected “Be In Love” as the song they are most attached to. Yeji said, “The melody is really good and the lyrics are pretty, so I really want our fans to hear it.” Lia also said that it was the song she had the most fun recording. “I think it’s a song where you can hear the members’ voices really well, so the fans will definitely like it,” she reasoned.

Chaeryeong picked the song “Surf” as her favorite track, saying that although she likes all of the tracks, she had fun with “Surf” since it was her first time recording a song with a lovely and cute vibe.

The members were also asked about the change in their appearances for the album and who best fit the new concept. Yeji, Lia, and Chaeryeong selected Yuna, saying that her overall appearance, energy, and voice suited their new album the best.

Meanwhile, Yuna and Ryujin chose Chaeryeong. Ryujin commented that Chaeryeong’s hair color suited their concept really well, while Yuna said, “Chaeryeong’s wind-blown hair and her haughty, charismatic expressions are really appealing.”

Lia then shared an interesting anecdote from when they filmed their music video. She mentioned that when they were filming in the car with the windows rolled down, a great deal of dust flew into the car, so the members had to keep smiling while pretending to ignore the dust.

Yeji and Ryujin, who obtained their driver’s licences specifically for the music video, also talked about their experiences filming the car chase scene. “It took me about three weeks to get my license,” Yeji said. “Since I thought I wouldn’t be able to experience driving around on an unpaved road again, I had a lot of fun filming the car chase scene,” she continued. “I think the members were a little scared though,” she added with a laugh.

Ryujin lamented that although she got her driver’s license, she wasn’t able to drive in the music video due to her outfit. “Since my hat had beads hanging from it, it obstructed my sight. The staff thought it could be dangerous, so I wasn’t able to drive,” she explained. “I felt a little sad.”

Check out their music video for “Not Shy” here!

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