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Updated September 7 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo has made her solo debut with her new single “Bird”!

The track was composed by(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and Yummy Tone, and the lyrics were written by Soyeon as well. The song is of the trap genre and has mysterious flute riffs and a powerful drum and bass. The lyrics show Namjoo’s determination to keep going forward towards her goals and dreams.

Check out the music video:

Updated September 7 KST: 

Apink’s Namjoo has shared another dramatic MV teaser for her solo debut “Bird”!

Updated September 4 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo shared her first MV teaser for “Bird”!

Updated September 3 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo shared a pre-performance video for her solo debut with “Bird”!

Updated September 2 KST:

Ahead of Namjoo’s solo debut, an unusual reaction video has been shared for her music video “Bird”!

She’s joined by her fellow Apink members Chorong and Hayoung to watch clips, as they came to support her on the filming set. But since the MV hasn’t been released yet, the reaction video’s been edited to hide Namjoo’s outfit, and on top of that, the original audio was replaced with dubbed voices.

Namjoo is a bit nervous and embarrassed as her fellow members watch her MV footage, but they’re encouraging and supportive. Hayoung says, “This is a bit like the vibe I was expecting from you.” Chorong adds, “But it’s good that it’s not too overt.”

Hayoung teases Namjoo, “Isn’t it hard for you not, not being able to go hide in a corner somewhere? Since you honestly tend to hide in the corner when we’re together as a group.” Namjoo replies, “It’s seriously hard.”

Later on, Namjoo asks the others, “But do you think the fans will be too surprised?” Her members both reassure her by saying, “No, I think they’ll like it a lot.”

As they watch an ending part in the video, Chorong says, “I really like this part.” Hayoung comments, “This is the first time I’m seeing this choreography,” and Namjoo says, “I think this part will kill me.”

When the video wraps up, Chorong and Hayoung both tell her how cool it looked. Hayoung and Namjoo then talk about promoting solo, with Hayoung saying it feels lonely and Namjoo agreeing that it’s a bit hard doing it alone. However, they laugh over how a good point is that their preparation time is shorter, since they don’t have to wait for the other members to get dressed too.

Check out the video below!

Updated September 1 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo gave a new look at her solo debut with “Bird” through new teaser photos and a concept film! This set’s theme is “Reborn.”

Updated August 31 KST: 

Apink’s Namjoo has dropped the second round of teasers for her solo debut “Bird,” this time with the theme “Resist.”

Updated August 29 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo shared her first “Bird” teaser photos and a concept film, with the theme “Restrained”!

Updated August 28 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo shared a track image for her single “Bird”! (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon co-composed the track and wrote the lyrics.

Updated August 26 KST:

Apink’s Namjoo released the schedule for her solo debut with “Bird”!

Updated August 24 KST: 

Apink’s Namjoo has shared the first teaser for her solo debut!

Namjoo will be releasing the single album “Bird” on September 7 at 6 p.m. KST. (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon had previously been revealed as a writer on the song.

Original Article: 

Apink has announced the next member to make a solo debut!

On August 18, the group’s agency Play M Entertainment revealed, “Apink’s Namjoo will officially make her solo debut with a single album on September 7.”

Namjoo recently completed filming her music video, and her debut track is revealed to be written by (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon.

Following Jung Eun Ji and Hayoung, Namjoo will be the third Apink member to make a solo debut.

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon is revealed to have written Namjoo’s debut track.

Stay tuned for teasers!

In the meantime, watch Namjoo on the latest episode of “Idol on the Quiz“:

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