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SuperM shared their reactions to their impressive “100” music video!

On August 18, the group released a video of themselves reacting to their newest single from their upcoming album “Super One.” The video starts with Baekhyun announcing that the group will be checking out the music video for the first time. Once they play the video, the boys are immediately surprised by the special effects. They watch attentively with smiles, mentioning that they remember filming some of the parts on set.

Taemin comments that Baekhyun’s hair color keeps changing and later says about the set, “If a garage like that really existed, it’d be very popular.” Meanwhile, Kai wonders, “Did we change our outfits two times?” Taeyong responds that it was actually three times, reminding Kai about their racing outfit and red clothes.

After watching the music video, Baekhyun says, “This is why it took so long to make this music video. The CGI is amazing, especially when Taemin appears in the beginning with laser eyes.” Taeyong chimes in, “The video showed every vehicle possible. There was a car, a train, an airplane…”

Mark notices that Taemin had been wearing a cowboy hat that they hadn’t seen before. Taemin responds, “I actually wondered at the time, ‘Do I appear riding a horse?'” He then says that he never knew cars would be in the video instead. “We didn’t know about the CGI at the time,” Taemin says.

Later, Lucas comments that he can feel the music video’s speed from start to finish. Baekhyun responds that the song and the video go together perfectly. Kai adds that Ten’s part when he jumped out looked cool. To this, Taeyong agrees and says, “I like how Mark looked too. The close-up scenes are great. Baekhyun was cool too when he was singing under the sun.” Taemin mentions that their makeup is interesting as well, mentioning the gold glitter on their faces.

To wrap things up, the group says that they’re excited to see how their fans react to the “100” music video. Baekhyun concludes, “It was really great to watch it together with my members. I liked how it felt like we were becoming one through just a small screen.”

Watch the full reaction video with English subtitles below!

SuperM’s full album “Super One” will be released on September 25.

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