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When I Was The Most Beautiful” is the new Wednesday-Thursday MBC K-drama starring Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Seok Jin. The melodrama series involves an intense love triangle between two brothers and a high school art teacher. With all the beautiful people in the cast and dramatic storyline, it was hard to not anticipate the premiere of this K-drama, and it did indeed deliver. Here are five things we loved about episodes 1 and 2.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead.

1. It gets straight to the romance

If you’re a romantic, you’ll love how quickly this series delves into the romance. Within the first two minutes, Seo Hwan (Ji Soo) falls in love at first sight with his new teacher Oh Ye Ji (Im Soo Hyang) while walking by her on his way to school. With the rain, the music, their beautiful looks, and the overall ambiance, the beginning scene has all the ingredients made for a beautiful romantic tale.

As if the beginning romantic scene wasn’t enough to give you all the butterflies, later on in the same episode, there’s an additional “love at first sight” scene with Ha Seok Jin when he first lays eyes on Oh Ye Ji. The scene takes place in a ceramic studio—which is where all great romance stories start. You can already feel the chemistry between the characters.

2. The visuals that are the main leads

Talk about beauty.

Honestly, seeing all three of these actors on screen is reason enough to tune into the series.  When you’ve got Ji Soo’s innocent and handsome visuals alongside Im Soo Hyang’s effortless beauty and Ha Seok Jin’s manly charm, you’re bound to get dizzy from all the prettiness. Aside from their obvious good looks, they’re all individually so talented.

3. Seeing Ji Soo head over heels in love

Ji Soo has time and time again shown us that he’s got all the talent and skills to be respected as an actor. Ji Soo’s natural ability to show such a wide array of emotions with a simple glance is everything. It’s also pretty perfect seeing a smitten Ji Soo when he falls for a girl. The best part about this drama is that he gazes at Oh Ye Ji with those puppy dog eyes several times, which will make your heart skip a beat or two.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Ji Soo’s naive and innocent charm is again evident in this series. Ji Soo has the ability to portray the boy next door aura as well as the manly vibes all in one scene. The versatility in his emotions puts you on a rollercoaster of feels. You’ll never get bored watching a Ji Soo drama!

4. The heartwarming father-son relationships

This series doesn’t stop at the romance. Seo Sung Gon (Choi Jong Hwan) plays Jin and Hwan’s father. It is apparent that he has a disability as he walks around with a limp, and it is later revealed that the accident which caused this had something to do with his sons. Hwan feels responsible for his father’s disability and lives his life in guilt as a result.

Seeing Hwan return to his family’s house and reuniting with his father and little brother is such a heartwarming scene. You can really feel the love and connection that the family members have with each other, which is a stark contrast with their cold mother who does not seem to be in the picture. It’s these moments that are rather comforting and really show the love that the dad has for his sons.

5. The bromance

One of the most-anticipated aspects of this drama was the chemistry between Ha Seok Jin and Ji Soo with the hope that they’d be able to pull off the brotherly bond and relationship that this drama’s love story is centered around.

Seeing how much Hwan cares about his older brother is so adorable to see. He seems very protective of him and wants him to stay close. The two are complete opposites in character, but they have a tight relationship, and it is so heartwarming when Jin shows his affection towards his baby brother. Their chemistry is both adorable and heartbreaking at the same time because we know that the two will be fighting for Oh Ye Ji. Bring on the tears!

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