Watch: Ong Seong Wu Is Unhappy With How Close Shin Ye Eun And Kim Dong Jun Are In Teaser For Upcoming JTBC Drama

Upcoming JTBC drama “More Than Friends” released a new teaser!

“More Than Friends” will tell the story of two close friends who both fall in unrequited love with one another over the course of 10 years. Shin Ye Eun will star as Kyung Woo Yeon, a girl who decides to give up on her one-sided love for her guy friend after a decade of pining. Meanwhile, Ong Seong Wu will play Lee Soo, the longtime object of Kyung Woo Yeon’s affection, who suddenly starts seeing her in a different light after years of friendship. Kim Dong Jun will take on the role of On Jun Su, a man who enters Kyung Woo Yeon’s life like they were fated to meet.

The video begins with a drunken Kyung Woo Yeon bowing to Oh Jun Su. Oh Jun Su looks surprised at first, but he follows her home with a smile on his face to make sure she’s okay. His voiceover says, “I’ll be your test subject to see if you’ll be good at dating or not.”

Kyung Woo Yeon and Oh Jun Su continuously cross paths like they’re destined, but the closer they get, the unhappier Lee Soo becomes. Lee Soo demands to know what kind of relationship she and Oh Jun Su are in, and hurt and in shock, she asks, “What do you mean by that?”

Lee Soo’s jealousy further pushes Kyung Woo Yeon towards Oh Jun Su, who manages to captivate her with his sweetness. He spends as much time with her as possible and even brings her flowers to win her heart. Oh Jun Su comments, “If I bring you a good excuse to hang out, just hang out with me. As you do that, you’ll start to fall for me.”

Watch the teaser below!

“More Than Friends” is set to premiere on September 18 and will be available on Viki.

Watch another teaser below!

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