Kangnam Discusses Newlywed Life + Reveals He Got A Sports Massage License For Wife Lee Sang Hwa

Kangnam talked about married life on SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling”!

During the August 23 episode of the show, Kangnam met up with Lee Sang Min, Tak Jae Hoon, and Im Won Hee, and they talked about his marriage to Olympic speed skater Lee Sang Hwa. Tak Jae Hoon asked Kangnam, “Is there anyone nice that your wife knows? If there is, introduce her to Sang Min.”

Lee Sang Min immediately disagreed, explaining, “I’m such a big fan of Lee Sang Hwa. She’s really such an incredible person. But if they’re her friend, they must also be such an impressive person.”

He jokingly continued, “To be honest, I also thought that it made no sense for Kangnam [to be marrying Lee Sang Hwa].” Kangnam hilariously responded, “My mom said the same thing.”

After Kangnam showed his interest in the program, Lee Sang Min asked, “Do you want to join ‘My Ugly Duckling?'” Kangnam responded, “If I join now, it’ll be a disaster.” When asked why, Kangnam left the trio speechless by explaining, “Isn’t the concept for ‘My Ugly Duckling’ unhappy people who get scolded by their moms because they haven’t gotten married?”

When asked whether he and his wife fight, Kangnam answered, “We don’t fight. We don’t really clash or anything. What older people say is that you have to serve your wife like a queen in order to become a king yourself, and I’m trying to do that.”

Im Won Hee asked Kangnam whether Lee Sang Hwa had any habits that bothered him, which he initially denied. However, he eventually shared, “Honestly, there is this. Sang Hwa is so clean. But I used to be extremely messy.”

Lee Sang Min commented, “She’s definitely holding in a lot.” Kangnam explained, “That’s what I thought, so we talked about it a lot. But I figured out that Sang Hwa would prefer if I didn’t do anything. She actually said she’d prefer if I messed up the place. Sang Hwa says that cleaning makes her so happy. So we fit well.”

Lee Sang Min hilariously responded, “Kangnam, listen. There is not one person on this planet who likes to clean.”

Since the trio would not believe him, Kangnam called his wife and explained the situation. He suddenly handed the phone to Lee Sang Min, who confusedly said, “Hello? Hello?” before realizing that Kangnam had not actually called anyone and was just pranking them.

Kangnam also expressed how happy he’s been over the past year, after getting married in October 2019. He shared, “I really love when I do something for my wife and she enjoys it and thanks me. Recently, Sang Hwa’s throat hurt, so I was thinking about what would be good for her. I read that autumn olives were good [for the throat], so I went to pick them myself and made her jam. She ate it, and her throat got better. So Sang Hwa was thankful to me, and I was so happy.”

He added, “I wanted to give her massages, so I got a license in sports massage. I feel happy just seeing her with a happy expression after I give her a massage. I think people get married for moments like that.” Hearing this, the trio jokingly commented, “You’re so different from us. Why did we invite him?”

Later, Kangnam shared that he wanted to become an old couple who walk around holding hands even when they’ve aged. Lee Sang Min commented, “The most important thing is, rather than doing three things your significant other likes, you can’t do the one thing they hate. If they say, ‘Don’t do this,’ it’s important to not do it.”

This week’s episode of “My Ugly Duckling” will be up on Viki soon! Watch last week’s episode below:

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