Update: TREASURE Celebrates Comeback Day With “I Love You” D-DAY Poster

Updated September 18 KST:

TREASURE released a D-DAY poster on their comeback day!

Updated September 17 KST:

TREASURE shared a D-1 poster for their comeback!

Updated September 16 KST:

TREASURE released an MV teaser for “I Love You”!

Updated September 15 KST:

TREASURE counts down to their September 18 comeback with a D-3 poster!

Updated September 14 KST:

Posters of Yoshi and Asahi have been released for TREASURE’s “I LOVE YOU”!

Updated September 14 KST: 

TREASURE has unveiled the title member posters of Bang Ye Dam and Mashiho for their second single album “I LOVE YOU”!

Updated September 13 KST: 

TREASURE’s Park Jeong Woo and Choi Hyun Suk are the next members to star in title member posters for the group’s upcoming single!

Updated September 13 KST: 

TREASURE has unveiled the title member posters of Jihoon and Yoon Jae Hyuk for their upcoming single album “I LOVE YOU”!

Updated September 12 KST: 

YG Entertainment has revealed posters for Haruto and So Jung Hwan!

Updated September 12 KST:

On the morning of September 12 KST, YG Entertainment unveiled title member posters for TREASURE’s Doyoung and Junkyu!

Updated September 11 KST:

A spoiler video has been released of TREASURE’s music video shoot for “I LOVE YOU”!

Check it out below:

Updated September 11 KST: 

TREASURE has shared a new title poster and track list poster for their comeback!

Updated September 9 KST:

TREASURE shared a title poster for their return, revealing that their title track is “I LOVE YOU”!

Updated September 8 KST:

TREASURE revealed a concept video for “THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER TWO”!

Updated September 7 KST:

TREASURE has now officially announced their comeback date!

On September 7 at midnight KST, TREASURE released an updated version of their first poster for their upcoming comeback.

The new poster reveals that the rookie group will be returning with their second single album “THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER TWO” on September 18.

Updated September 1 KST:

September 1, TREASURE dropped a new poster for “THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER TWO,” the follow-up to their debut single album, “THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER ONE,” which was released on August 7.

Original Article:

TREASURE is gearing up to release new music!

Previously in May, YG Entertainment announced that TREASURE would be releasing 3-4 songs throughout the second half of the year. The group kicked off on August 7 with their debut single album “THE FIRST STEP : CHAPTER ONE” and the title track “BOY.”

On August 27, TREASURE released a sneak preview of the music video shoot for a new song coming soon.

According to YG Entertainment, the new track is more powerful than “BOY” and is likely to be released sometime in September.

Check out the preview clip below!

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