Bae Seul Gi Announces Plans To Marry YouTuber Boyfriend And Shares Photos

Bae Seul Gi is getting married to YouTuber Shim Seop!

On August 27, the singer-turned-actress took to her Instagram account to share a handwritten letter with fans about her wedding plans. Her letter reads as follows:

Hello, this is Bae Seul Gi.

This is my first public handwritten letter, so I’m very nervous, and on top of that, I feel sorry about telling everyone this news when we’re going through a distressful time. However, I think it’s right that I should tell you the news instead of letting you hear it through the news.

It’s already been 15 years since I debuted. If I include the time when I started acting in middle and high school, it’s been more than 20 years since I started appearing on TV. I made my debut at a young age when I didn’t know anything, and I was loved unexpectedly, but there were also painful times.

The truth is, I thought I lived with a relaxed and down-to-earth mindset, but I’ve been living in confusion with unknown anxiety in the corner of my mind. I think I’ve been nervously struggling with the weight of life.

Then I became aware of myself after meeting my boyfriend. My heart feels warm just by talking with him, and the tension in my life began to decrease.

Then something amazing happened! I used to think marriage was for other people, but I realized I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

My boyfriend is younger than me but has a big, warm heart, and although he is a non-celebrity, he is not ordinary. I am grateful for each and every day I am with him, and I thank God for letting me meet such a precious person!

The ceremony, which was scheduled for the end of September with family members, friends, and close acquaintances, may be rescheduled due to the increasingly serious situation of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, I can have a small, private wedding, but I want to celebrate with the people I treasure.

More than likely, the wedding will be delayed. I’m thankful to everyone around me who are worried about me, but I’m even more sorry that I can’t thank them in person because of the current circumstances.

From now on, I will do my best to act more actively and make a happy family as one man’s wife. I will live by spreading warm love.

Have strength and take care of your health during this difficult time. May all families be filled with peace and happiness! Thank you for reading this long letter.


Bae Seul Gi

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She later shared photos with the message, “I sincerely thank everyone who has sent me their best wishes!”

Bae Seul Gi debuted in 2005 as a member of a project group called The Red. She has been active as a singer and actor and rose to popularity in the variety show “X-Man.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Watch Bae Seul Gi in “Risky Romance” below!

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