On August 27, OCN’s new drama “Missing: The Other Side” released an interview with its producing director (PD), Min Yeon Hong.

“Missing: The Other Side” is about a mysterious village called “Duon,” which is inhabited by the souls of those who went missing while they were alive. Go Soo stars as the conman Kim Wook, who teams up with Heo Joon Ho’s character to uncover the village’s dark secrets. Ahn So Hee plays a public-worker-turned-hacker, while Ha Jun plays a police officer desperate to find his missing fiancée.

PD Min Yeon Hong introduced the drama as, “Set against the backdrop of a village where the souls of those who went missing reside, it’s a fantasy drama about people who go missing and the people who miss them. It’s a story about the longing and pain of those who go missing, as well as those who search their whole lives to see that person just once again. The key phrase for this project was, ‘I miss you.’ This is the feeling that I wanted the drama to express.”

About casting Go Soo and Heo Joon Ho, the PD said, “Go Soo was the first person I wanted to cast. The roles he’d played before were experts in their field, charismatic people with a lot of weight to them. The character Kim Wook is different from those roles in being comic and refreshing. He’s a three-dimensional character who also has to show his warm, human side. We trusted in Go Soo’s broad acting spectrum and I think that he himself was interested in playing a new type of character.”

He continued, “I’d always wanted to work with Heo Joon Ho after being attracted to his charisma in other projects. I was curious to see how he would play the role of ‘Jang Pan Seok,’ which is different from those roles I’d seen him in before. I thought that he would bring his natural emotional weight to the character’s tragic backstory. I begged earnestly like a child because I thought he wouldn’t do it, but he surprised me by readily agreeing.”

About the Duon village, the PD explained, “It’s not visible to those who are living. But there are people who can see the dead who live there. That’s where the drama starts. It’s a frightening place where souls who try to cross the barrier are flung back inside. It’s a large and beautiful village, but the souls are imprisoned there against their will. The souls can ascend to heaven with the help of the living, who can settle their problems, and the work of those who miss them. On the other hand, the souls can be forced to live there for decades. Just like living people, incidents arise between the souls who have to live together in the village.”

“Missing: The Other Side” premieres on August 29 and will be available on Viki.

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