Ryu Jun Yeol Talks About Growing Out His Hair For New Movie, Describes A Turning Point In His Life, And More

Ryu Jun Yeol talked about his history, why he’s so excited about his upcoming film, his environmental work, and more in an interview with Cosmopolitan Korea!

Ryu Jun Yeol has been rocking a long-haired look lately for his new movie “Alien” (working title).

He told Cosmopolitan, “This is the first time I’ve grown it out like this. This must be the longest it’s been in my life. The process of growing it out has been a bit hard.”

Ryu Jun Yeol talked about how his hair is going through an awkward stage at this point. He said, “A lot of women say, ‘If you cut your hair into a bob, then it’s hard to grow it out again.’ I think I understand what that means. It’s not long but it’s not short either, and the styling that I want doesn’t work either. Hair doesn’t just grow in a day, so I think I need endurance right now.”

He was asked if he could describe his character in the film. “First off, it’s a role where I have to have long hair,” he said with a laugh. “I had long hair in the film ‘A Taxi Driver‘ too, but I wore a wig in that because I was doing a lot of different projects at the time. I wanted to definitely grow out my hair this time around. It’s the most natural when you’re filming with your own hair. And it helps me immerse myself in my role too.”

It’s been a year since the release of Ryu Jun Yeol’s latest film “The Battle: Roar to Victory.” As the actor is known for appearing in a lot of different projects, the interviewer mentioned that this break between his films might have felt very long for his fans, and they asked him if he was feeling impatient too.

He laughed, “Lately I’ve even had people ask me, ‘Did you quit acting?’ I didn’t feel impatient, but I did want to be in a new work soon.” He shared that he’s been excited while waiting for the time when he can say to his fans, “I’ve prepared this project. Look forward to it,” rather than just telling them things like what he ate for breakfast that morning.

Ryu Jun Yeol was asked to share why he wanted to join the cast of “Alien.”

“When I’m asked which directors I want to work with, the director that I never leave out of my answer is Choi Dong Hoon,” he said. “Now I have the chance. Since it’s something that I’ve dreamt of for a long time, I’ve had goosebumps over the fact that I’m working with him now.”

Ryu Jun Yeol took a break at the end of last year by spending a few months in Los Angeles. “I think it was a time where I felt far away from Korea,” he said. “I also went around trying to take a lot of photos. I think the time felt light.”

“Since I spent a considerably long time there, I was able to look back a bit on the path I’ve taken,” he said. “I also practiced spending time slowly.”

Asked what’s changed in his daily life after returning to Korea, Ryu Jun Yeol said, “A lot’s changed because of COVID-19. To be honest, there hasn’t been a big change to my daily life because I usually spend my time at home, but I definitely worry more about the environment. The whole world has stopped, although when you look at it over the whole of the earth’s history, it’s a very brief moment. When I see how nature returns and the environment recovers during this brief moment, I’m surprised and also scared. It makes me think that I need to speak out more about the environment.”

Ryu Jun Yeol supports Green Peace Korea and is part of the organization’s plastic free campaign. He talked about how thrilled he was when the major Korean supermarket Lotte Mart joined the movement. “I was so happy that I was hugging my friends like I won an award,” he said.

He was asked if he’d realized his impact as an actor at the time, and he said that while he knows it’s not just because of his impact, he was still proud and grateful. He added, “There have been times where I felt my actual impact. There was a food truck that came to our film set, and a staff member told me that they’re my fan and so they bring their own food tray. I really felt my impact when they said, ‘I’ve started doing this because of you.'”

As it’s Cosmopolitan’s 20th anniversary, the actor was asked to share what “20 years old” means to him.

“When I was in my 20s, I tasted the bitterness of life,” he said. “I was far from being self-disciplined in high school. I slept in a lot and I was late often. Because of that, I had to study to retake the college entrance exam, and I realized, ‘Ah, this is no joke.’ I thought that everyone would go to college if they just graduated high school, but I realized that wasn’t the case. I’d get together with others at the exam cram school and think while eating the same meal every day, ‘If I keep this up, I could be taking the test a third or fourth time.'”

“That time was my first failure, my beginning, and an important foundation for my life,” he said. “I started seriously formulating my own life philosophies.”

When asked what his dream is, Ryu Jun Yeol replied, “Someone once said, ”Dream’ shouldn’t be a noun, it should be a verb.’ Rather than saying, ‘My dream is being an actor,’ I think it’s better to say, ‘I have to do something after becoming an actor.’ I’m dreaming that as an actor, I should be a mirror that reflects the current times and I should be a spokesperson that gives the audience catharsis. Speaking out about the environment is also part of that, because bit by bit there are more people who can hear my quiet voice.”

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