Henry Reveals His New Dream Home That's Unique And Perfect For Him

Henry appeared on the August 28 episode of “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) and showed off his new dream home!

The singer-songwriter surprised the cast when his footage began with him waking up in a tent, making them think he was outside at first. However, his tent was set up in his sparsely-furnished bedroom.

Henry explained that his search for a home has continued since he went on a house tour on the show in February, and he’d only moved in three days before the filming for this new episode. “I found my dream house,” he announced happily.

As the program showed off his bedroom with a full wall of windows and only a few pieces of furniture (including his tent), Henry explained, “I haven’t done detailed interior decorating yet but the vibe is like a factory.”

His living room includes a section with seating but also several clothes racks. “I’m turning my living room into something like a clothes store,” he said. “It makes me feel like I’m shopping every time I change my clothes.”

Henry was excited when the footage showed the bathroom off his bedroom. It features floor-to-ceiling mirrors that create the illusion that the toilet is hanging on the wall, which surprised the cast. “It makes the room look big,” said Henry.

Henry in the studio cheered when the footage showed his wardrobe opening to reveal a mini vanity, where he then looked in the mirror as he got ready for the day.

After getting changed, he got in an elevator before descending a set of stairs to a large room complete with a grand piano, workout equipment, kitchen, small garden area, and more.

“My favorite part of this house is that when you go right downstairs, there’s an area that’s like a lounge, kitchen, and gym,” he said.

His music and recording studio is also located in a room off the lounge area.

When Son Dambi asked if this meant his home is connected to his studio, Henry said, “In the past, if someone called me in the middle of the night to ask me to send a file to them, I’d have to drive over there at 3 or 4 a.m. Now I can just go downstairs.”

Back in the footage, Henry shared that he thought the wall of the studio space looked too empty, so he set to work at decorating it.

He decided to take on the challenge of “pendulum painting,” but he kept making mistakes and making the floor a complete mess in the footage, so the cast members grew worried. He worked on a few different canvases, and after almost slipping in the paint a few times and even spilling the paint can, he eventually completed his art projects.

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