NU'EST's Baekho Opens Up About When He Feels Happy And Loved, Looks Back On The Last 9 Years, And More

NU’EST’s Baekho worked with Harper’s Bazaar on a photo shoot and interview with an interesting twist as all of the questions were submitted by fans.

Baekho is known for participating in composing, writing lyrics for, and producing NU’EST’s music. Asked which one of his songs he feels the most affection for, Baekho said, “Wow, I can’t choose. If the question was, ‘What is the song that was the most fun or difficult to work on?” I would have chosen ‘Dejavu’ as the most memorable.”

He went on to say, “We flew to Saipan, and I had intended on working on music for two days and relax for the rest of my time there, but I ended up just having fun and then working on music later. When I turned my laptop on, I found out my hard disk had crashed and been wiped. We used a different laptop to move some of the instruments over to my laptop, and we sketched out the song as we did that. It was so difficult, but so fun that it makes me smile just thinking about it.”

Baekho also shared that he wants to appear on “Three Meals A Day.” He said, “I really like delicious food, so I like to see how things are made and try cooking it myself. I want to see Yoo Hae Jin and Cha Seung Won preparing their meals in person. Even if I can’t make a guest appearance, I’d be happy to just stand there on set and watch them.”

When asked when he feels loved by his fans, Baekho replied, “There was that time when our fans put up ads for my birthday. And right now, since our fans sent in these questions for this interview. There are so many moments [where I feel loved] that I couldn’t possibly name them all.”

He also talked about when he feels happiest as he said, “Feeling comfortable, laughing from having fun, crying while watching sad scenes in movies, all of those things make me happy. I think I’m surrounded by an overflowing amount of happiness. The people around me are those who I feel comfortable and happy around. When I’m with them, I’m always happy.”

Finally, Baekho was asked what it feels like to look back on the last nine years, as NU’EST is in their ninth year as a group. He said, “We debuted at a young age. Four of the members were 18 [by Korean reckoning] and one was 20. It would have been nice if we were perfect at 18, but there are things that you can improve upon with experience, right? Even I can see just how much all of us have grown. I want to keep showing that kind of growth in the future as well.”

Baekho’s full interview and photo spread are available in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

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