Lee Hi Shares Her Thoughts On Songwriting, What She Does On Her Days Off, And More

Lee Hi recently participated in an interview and pictorial for the fashion magazine Marie Claire.

In the interview, she shared, “I’m spending my days busy and happy. I like having a lot of work to do, so I’m doing a lot of things at once, including working on the next album. I was nervous when the news about me signing with AOMG spread before I could make it official, but now I’m glad that people were taking an interest in my career.”

She talked a little about Code Kunst, with whom she had worked with before she joined AOMG. “I think that my music tastes are a little unusual, but Code Kunst and I like the same music, so we can communicate well. When I say, ‘Let’s try this,’ he knows what I mean. When I work with him, I think I can make music that is the most like myself. He’s also fast at working. If I send him a demo late at night, he’ll finish it by the next morning.”

About songwriting, she said, “I enjoy making songs and I still do it now, but I don’t necessarily think that only songs you make are good songs. I’m not a songwriter or producer, but a singer. I think that it’s more important for me to interpret and sing songs in my own way. But I do want to share my stories with the world, so I try to put relatable lyrics into my album. As long as it’s a song that shows who I am and it’s a nice song to listen to, then it doesn’t matter who wrote it.”

Lee Hi added that she was participating more in the general album production process. “For ‘HOLO,’ I attended all the meetings for the album cover, the moving teaser, the mixing and mastering, the music show broadcasts, and the foreign promotions,” she said. “In the past, I would get a good song, sing it well, and put on a good performance, but now I can contact artists that I want to work with and enjoy a more natural production process. As a result, I was very busy during this comeback, but it was fun.”

On her days off, she said, “I put off cleaning the house when I’m busy, so I do it when I have time off. If I do that, then the next time I come home, I’ll feel happy. I clean, do the laundry, eat some good food, and spend some time alone. I don’t normally watch TV, but sometimes I watch old sitcoms like ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Why Can’t We Stop Them’.”

Lee Hi also talked about her experience on the show “Begin Again.” “I wasn’t signed with an agency at the time that the casting offer came in,” she explained. “The production staff were able to contact me through AKMU’s Lee Soo Hyun, who was on the show at the time. It’s a show that Soo Hyun talked about a lot, so I agreed. We prepared a lot more for the show than was shown on TV. We would practice for eight hours straight. That wasn’t easy, but we felt responsible for cheering up the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. After it ended, it was both a relief and a regret. It was hard, but it was a meaningful shoot. I think that I would like to do it again.”

Lee Hi made her comeback with the digital single “HOLO” in late July.

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