“Hidden Singer 6” put the spotlight on Rain this week!

The JTBC variety show features a famous singer competing against contestants who say they can do a perfect impersonation of the singer’s voice. After they perform behind curtains, the audience tries to guess which singers are the impersonators so they can vote them out.

Rain appeared on the September 4 episode, and MC Jun Hyun Moo said that Rain was the most competitive artist they’ve had on the show yet. “I’m not going to be eliminated,” vowed Rain in his pre-filming interview. “I will definitely win.” In the studio, he shared how he’s always wanted to come on the program.

“My voice is hard to imitate,” he said. “Since I’ve used 90 percent air and 10 percent sound since I was born. Let me assure you, there’s no way someone could be similar to me.” He added, “If I get voted off first, then I’ll head home.”

The show started with his song “Bad Man” as the performance for the first round, however Rain wasn’t actually performing with the contestants. Jun Hyun Moo and the panel had no idea, so they kept looking for him.

When they realized he’d been watching from the audience, the panel said, “I got goosebumps” and asked, “Who were No. 1 and No. 2?” Rain said, “Even I agree that No. 1 and No. 2 were similar.” He added, “I realized that I could possibly be eliminated if I make a mistake.”

The second round featured his track “Love Song,” and the impersonators all earned praise for their sweet voices and similarity to Rain’s singing.

After the performance, the contestants were revealed. Rain was No. 2, and impersonator No. 4 turned out to be MONSTA X’s Shownu! While his group members Hyungwon and Kihyun were on the panel that day, Shownu hadn’t been able to tell them because of the show’s rules. The panel joked, “You could be a singer.”

Shownu was thought to be an impersonator by enough of the voters that he was eliminated. Rain ended up coming in second in that round with three votes. It was shared that Shownu had been No. 6 in the first round.

Shownu then introduced himself as a “Wannabe,” a word play on Rain’s Korean stage name that sounds like “Be.” He shared that he’d changed his dream because of Rain and added, “I personally applied when I found out that there was going to be a Rain episode.”

“I was preparing to be a swimmer,” Shownu explained. “While I was in training, the music video for Rain’s ‘Bad Man’ came out. It was the first time that I thought, ‘I want to do that.’ That’s why I changed my dream to being a singer.”

Rain shared that he’d seen Shownu 10 years ago when he was a trainee. “He told me about his dream,” he said. “I’m proud because it seems like he’s made it come true.”

Shownu said, “It’s an honor to be standing on the same stage as you. Please buy me a drink next time.”

During the show, Shownu also danced to Rain’s “Bad Man”!

Rain narrowly made it through the third round of “How to Avoid the Sun” before the final round of “Love Story.” This final round of the show includes the audience voting for who they think is the real singer.

Before the first and second places were announced, Rain said, “I’ve made it to the place I’d wanted. I’ll be satisfied even if I’m eliminated.” In the end, the win went to performer Kim Hyun Woo, and Rain praised him for doing a great job.

Rain said, “I wanted to be on ‘Hidden Singer’ but I wondered if there would really be someone who’s similar to me. I saw so many of them today.” He then shared that all the performers that day were role models to him and he promised to make them proud as a singer and performer.

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