Park Eun Bin Talks About Her Experience Being A Child Actress + Working With Kim Jong Kook On

On September 6, Park Eun Bin appeared as a special MC on the SBS show “My Ugly Duckling.”

On the show, Park Eun Bin talked about debuting as a child actress. She said, “I started work in 1996 in the drama ‘White Nights 3.98.’ After that, I just kept acting.”

She added, “I had to go to school and work at the same time, so I had no time to relax. I never really went out or broke the rules to have fun. That was a little difficult for me at the time. ”

Park Eun Bin also talked a little about her brother, who is a year older than her. “He went to the army and his senior officer happened to be someone who has been a member of my fan café for a long time,” she said. “That fan even posted in the café during his leave from the army. He showed my brother videos of me and said, ‘Isn’t she pretty?’ My brother was taken aback and thought about whether to reveal [that it was his sister], but he just said, ‘She’s not my style. I have no interest in her.’ I heard that and was like, ‘It’s a fan who likes me a lot, so couldn’t you have spoken more nicely?’ I haven’t been able to visit him in the army. He told me absolutely not to come.”

Seo Jang Hoon said he could relate and explained, “My younger sister thought people would tease her if they knew we were related, so she never told anyone. I think she was embarrassed that people would say we look alike.”

On the show, Kim Jong Kook went to the gym as usual. Park Eun Bin, who was watching as part of the MC panel, said, “I recently met Kim Jong Kook on ‘Running Man.’ He always goes 100 percent in everything, so I thought that was really cool. There was a time when he could have flicked me on the forehead [as a punishment], but he said he didn’t want to hit a woman so he hit Lee Kwang Soo instead. I was grateful.”

Park Eun Bin is currently starring in the drama “Do You Like Brahms?”

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