Running Man” took it up a notch this week by inviting a real criminal profiler and detective to participate in their heist race!

On the September 6 episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” the cast set out to catch two “thieves” with the help of a real-life criminal profiler and police detective. Pyo Chang Won is Korea’s first criminal profiler, while Yoon Seok Ho is a detective on whom Ma Dong Seok‘s character in “The Outlaws” was based.

Ahead of the race, the cast asked their guests to share their initial guesses of who the thieves might be. Both chose Jun So Min, pointing out that she had arrived suspiciously early to the set. Jun So Min defended herself by explaining, “Last time [we did a mystery race], I arrived one hour early, so today I purposely arrived only half an hour early.”

Their first mission was a montage roundup operation in which the cast members and guests split up into pairs. Each set of partners had to draw an unnamed cast or staff member based solely on a set of descriptors, then guess who it was by looking at their drawing.

During one round, the producer described the person’s head shape to be like a squash gone bad, which hilariously confused the cast. After receiving additional clues like shoulder-length hair, big eyes, a tall and long nose, a large mouth, and a bit of makeup, detective Yoon Seok Ho surprised everyone by immediately pinpointing Lee Kwang Soo. Despite everyone’s initial shock, Yoon Seok Ho turned out to be right.

Check out the cast’s hilarious drawings of Lee Kwang Soo in the clip below!


After the first mission, the cast members and guests began their first round of voting.

Just as the detective and profiler had initially assumed, everyone correctly guessed Jun So Min to be the first thief.

With only one more opportunity to figure out the second thief, the cast continued to suspect HaHa. He exclaimed, “Even if I don’t know who the thief is, their acting skills are truly incredible.”

Although this was definitely true, the cast remained suspicious of him until the end, and he was ultimately revealed as the second thief thanks to great detective work by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook.

Both Pyo Chang Won and Yoon Seok Ho expressed amazement at the cast’s hard work, and Jun So Min and HaHa were left to carry out their punishment for being caught.

Watch the full episode of “Running Man” with English subtitles below!

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