Go Kyung Pyo, Girls' Generation's Seohyun, And More Reveal Their Characters' True Identities In Drama Posters

The upcoming drama “Private Lives” (literal title) starring Go Kyung Pyo, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, and more has shared more insights into its characters through posters!

JTBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Private Lives” takes place during the current age in which people share, steal, and fabricate their private lives. It’s about con artists mobilizing all their techniques to disclose the nation’s major “private life.”

With a concept that’s perfect for a show about con artists, the new posters share the “alternative characters” and “main characters” of each of the people at the center of the story, highlighting the big differences between their personas and their real selves.

Go Kyung Pyo plays Lee Jung Hwan, and his poster says that he’s a mysterious man with an unknown identity. It shares that his “alt character” is a team manager for a large company, but his “main character” is a “spy who disappeared.” The description that he “disappeared” hints that something secret and unexpected happened in his life, and while he looks like a polished business person on the outside, everyone’s curious to find out the truth about the mystery that surrounds him.

Seohyun plays Cha Ju Eun, who’s a con artist in order to survive. Her “alt character” is a sheltered only child, but her “main character” is a con artist since birth. She’s a master of disguise with an elegant aura, and she’s fooled many people. She got her “con artist DNA” from her con artist father Cha Hyun Tae (Park Sung Keun) and mother Kim Mi Sook (Song Sun Mi), and ever since she was a child she’s been learning the tricks of the trade.

Kim Hyo Jin takes the role of Jung Bok Gi, a con artist so good that she can even fool other con artists. Her “alt character” is a “business person in the top 1 percent” but in reality her main character is a “con artist in the top 1 percent.” She’s got everything it takes to be a good con artist, from thorough plans for the cons, the skills of a veteran, and a relaxed composure on top of that.

Finally, Kim Young Min plays Kim Jae Wook, who’s Jung Bok Gi’s partner in crime and an expert at looking at the “big picture.” His “alt character” is a trouble maker who loves to con, but in reality he’s an ambitious “king maker.” Even while taking the lead on planning cons together with Jung Bok Gi, part of him still remains ambitious. One thing to look out for will be the reveal of his true goal and the identity of the “king” that’s his target.

The production team stated, “The characters in the drama act as many different people, and the character posters portray that. We think you’ll find many things to enjoy about the ‘main characters’ and ‘alt characters’ of each role.” They asked everyone to look forward to the war between the con artists who are hiding their true identities as they trick others and are tricked themselves.

“Private Lives” begins on October 7 at 9:30 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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