Watch: Ong Seong Wu And Shin Ye Eun Are All Smiles In

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “More Than Friends” has released a new behind-the-scenes look at their poster filming!

“More Than Friends” will tell the story of two close friends who both fall in unrequited love with one another over the course of 10 years. Shin Ye Eun will star as Kyung Woo Yeon, a girl who decides to give up on her one-sided love for her guy friend after a decade of pining. Meanwhile, Ong Seong Wu will play Lee Soo, the longtime object of Kyung Woo Yeon’s affection, who suddenly starts seeing her in a different light after years of friendship.

The video starts off with Shin Ye Eun and Ong Seong Wu outdoors to shoot their second set of posters for the drama. Their first concept takes place in the present when the two are meeting for the first time in a while.

After shooting Ong Seong Wu’s first round of photos, the actors check out how the pictures turned out, and Shin Ye Eun remarks, “This one’s good. Should we go with this one?” Ong Seong Wu begins to laugh and agrees. “This is the vibe I wanted,” he jokes. Ong Seong Wu zooms into the picture in which both actors didn’t turn out very well, and the two find their facial expressions funny.

Shin Ye Eun and Ong Seong Wu change into school uniforms to transform into their characters from 10 years ago for their next set of photos. They can’t contain their laughter as Ong Seong Wu responds to each of Shin Ye Eun’s poses.

When it’s Ong Seong Wu’s turn to pose, Shin Ye Eun says cutely, “Hello, I’m high school student Woo Yeon!” As Ong Seong Wu pretends to be arrogant and cold for his photos, Shin Ye Eun jokes, “How can you be like that in front of adult Woo Yeon?”

They take a look at Ong Seong Wu’s photos, and Shin Ye Eun comments, “You look like you’re dissatisfied with everything.” Ong Seong Wu laughs and agrees, mentioning that his photo captured his character’s snobby attitude.

Shin Ye Eun and Ong Seong Wu pose for a little bit longer and end their photo shoot in high spirits.

Check out the full video below!

“More Than Friends” premieres on September 25 at 11 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

Watch a teaser here!

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