Stray Kids Delves Into Details Of New Album Concept, Tells Stories About Filming

Stray Kids is officially back with a new album!

Ahead of the release of their repackaged album “IN生” (“IN LIFE”) and music video for the title track “Back Door” on September 14, the group sat down to discuss the album.

The members began by discussing the significance of their first repackaged album. Hyunjin commented, “As it’s our first repackaged album, it’s a new sort of feeling. I’m really curious about our fans’ reactions since we included the unit songs from our concert that our fans have been waiting for.” Felix said, “I’m happy that we were able to show everyone Stray Kids’ unique charm through our first studio album ‘GO生’ (‘GO LIVE’). It’s thanks to everyone’s positive reactions that we were able to include our ideas and opinions in this album without any hesitation.”

The group’s producing unit 3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han) elaborated on the difference between “IN生” and their previous album “GO生,” noting that the repackaged album includes tracks from “GO生” with an addition of eight new songs.

Changbin explained, “We showed off the unique color of Stray Kids’ music in the previous album, so in this album we tried to include songs like love songs that would make people realize, ‘Stray Kids can do this kind of music too.'” Han added, “In ‘GO生,’ we expressed the fearless ambition needed to plunge into life. ‘IN生’ expresses the various emotions that unfold when we go through that life.”

The group then described the title track “Back Door,” emphasizing how the track invites the listener to a party with its energetic beat. I.N said, “Since it’s the follow-up track to ‘God’s Menu,’ we wanted to create a more exciting vibe in contrast to the powerful energy expressed through ‘God’s Menu.'”

When asked about what inspired the unique lyrics of the track, 3RACHA explained that they got ideas from things they saw and heard in their everyday life. Changbin revealed that whenever an idea came to him, he would write it down before he forgot, while Han added that he received inspiration from movies and dramas.

The members then described their album concept, which utilizes modernized versions of the traditional Korean clothing hanbok. When asked to select their favorite parts of the concept, Hyunjin commented with a laugh, “I think my long hair is definitely a point of interest. Please pay attention to it!” Felix pointed out the members’ various unconventional hair colors, while Seungmin selected the hanbok outfits, saying that the clothing suits the vibe of the song and the overall striking change in all of the members’ appearances.

In addition to “Back Door,” the group also recommended additional songs from the album. Lee Know and Hyunjin both recommended “Wow,” a unit track with a sexy vibe performed by the group’s dancers Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Felix. Changbin recommended 3RACHA’s unit track “We Go,” while Seungmin recommended his and I.N’s unit track “My Universe,” promising that the listener will gain strength from the sincere lyrics. Han and I.N recommended all three of the unit tracks. Felix recommended “Any,” citing the track’s chill vibe and rhythm.

Stray Kids then shared some anecdotes from the filming of the music video for “Back Door.” Lee Know revealed, “We used equipment like a robot arm and a motion control camera to film, so we were all really amazed by that.” Hyunjin commented, “Instead of individual scenes, there were a lot of group choreography scenes so we had to keep coordinating with each other. The way the eight of us filmed together for such a long time is the most memorable to me.” He added, “Also, the rice cakes and sausage that I ate in the middle of filming were delicious!”

The group wrapped up with some heartwarming words for their fans, known as STAY. Felix said, “Although we can’t see you all in person, we’ll always be with you through our music, so let’s enjoy it together. I’m always thankful.”

Seungmin said, “After all of our hard work, we’re finally back with a new album and concept! I hope you look forward to it. We’ll always be a group that stays by your side and does our best.”

Finally, I.N commented, “The first thing I want to say is thank you for loving and supporting Stray Kids from wherever you are. We’ll continue to show you what we can do, so please ‘STAY’ with us!”

If you haven’t already, check out the music video for “Back Door” here!

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