Watch: Shin Ye Eun And Ong Seong Wu Explore The Gap Between Friendship And Love In “More Than Friends” Preview

The upcoming JTBC drama “More than Friends” has released a new teaser!

“More than Friends” is about two close friends who both fall in unrequited love with the other over the course of 10 years. Shin Ye Eun plays Kyung Woo Jeon, a girl who gives up on her one-sided love for her best friend after a decade of pining. Ong Seong Wu plays Lee Soo, the longtime object of Kyung Woo Yeon’s affection, who suddenly starts to see her in a different light.

In the new teaser, Ong Seong Wu is introduced as a freelance photographer with a strong sense of self-love. He says, “Who cares if I have a bad attitude when I’m so talented? The gods favored me even when it just comes to my looks. If I photograph someone, it means that I like them a lot.”

Shin Ye Eun, who is a calligrapher, lives a less glamorous life. Her friends (which includes Block B’s P.O) think that she is cursed because she has never been successful in love. Unbeknownst to them, however, she has been in love with her friend for 10 years.

Kim Dong Jun’s character, On Jun Su, is introduced as a man who isn’t afraid to go after what he wants. He approaches Kyun Woo Yeon and says, “I’ll be the test of whether you can successfully have a relationship or not. I’ll be your test man.”

The teaser then shows Ong Seong Wu and Shin Ye Eun first meeting in high school, where he introduced himself to her as “a good-looking youth.” Even though he treated her casually as a friend, she eventually fell in love with him and confessed her feelings at the airport. But he turned her down and said, “I just want us to be friends.”

When Ong Seong Wu comes back to Korea, Shin Ye Eun loses her heart all over again. However, he turns her down a second time, saying, “Don’t do anything like confess. I told you I just wanted to be friends.”

At this moment of ultimate heartbreak, Kim Dong Jun comes into Shin Ye Eun’s life. He offers her a rare business opportunity that could make her career, saves her from a sticky situation, and shares the same interests as her. It turns out that he is a fan of her calligraphy work that he saw on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the business opportunity he offered turns out to be a book of photographs and calligraphy, which means that she must now team up with Ong Seong Wu. For the first time, Ong Seong Wu shows signs of jealousy as he asks, “What’s the relationship between you and him? Are you dating? I don’t want my photographs caught up in someone else’s love story.”

Check out the preview below!

“More Than Friends” premieres on September 25 and will be available on Viki.

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