Lee Sang Yeob Talks About His Gratitude To Lee Byung Hun, Thoughts On Marriage, And More

Lee Sang Yeob recently sat down for an interview to talk about working with Lee Min Jung in the drama “Once Again,” gratitude toward her husband Lee Byung Hun, and more.

Lee Sang Yeob played the doctor Yoon Gyu Jin alongside co-star Lee Min Jung in the hit KBS 2TV drama “Once Again,” which aired its finale on September 13. In the drama, Yoon Gyu Jin goes through love and divorce with Lee Min Jung’s character Song Na Hee.

Lee Sang Yeob first talked about his co-star. “Lee Min Jung is an actress that I already knew, so we were able to be comfortable from the start,” he said. “She also made everyone comfortable as usual, so I was relaxed as well. It was really fun. I laughed a lot more than she did.”

Drama fans who loved the couple’s chemistry in “Once Again” have been asking for a romance melodrama starring Lee Sang Yeob and Lee Min Jung. However, Lee Sang Yeob mentioned that he’d rather take on another rom-com instead. “I also felt that our chemistry was good,” he said. “But a melodrama is too much pressure for me, and Lee Min Jung would say, ‘A romance melodrama?’ and start talking like an old man.”

Lee Sang Yeob shared that he’s aware Lee Byung Hun watched over the two in “Once Again.”

“I asked about it a lot,” Lee Sang Yeob said. “I was curious what Lee Byung Hun thought of it.” He added, “I want to tell him today that I’m thankful.”

Lee Sang Yeob mentioned that Lee Byung Hun gave him a lot of good advice as his senior actor. He then said, “I gained strength just knowing that Lee Byung Hun watched all the episodes of ‘Once Again.'”

Lee Sang Yeob talked about how his thoughts on marriage have changed after seeing how sweet Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun are as a couple. Lee Sang Yeob shared, “On set, Lee Min Jung watches videos that Lee Byung Hun took of their son a lot. Those kinds of things seemed nice. They’re the ones who made me want to get married.”

The actor went on to describe what he’d be like married. “If I get married, I think I’d become like Yoon Gyu Jin from my drama,” he said. “I want to have about three kids.”

He continued, “My ‘Once Again’ co-stars tell me that it’s already too late for marriage but to take my time with it. I’m always open to the idea. It’s meaningless to decide when exactly I want to get married.”

Lee Sang Yeob admitted that he had thought he’d get married immediately out of high school. “That’s why I wondered if there’s any meaning to thinking that way,” he said. With a laugh, Lee Sang Yeob added, “But I always want to get married.”

In “Once Again,” Song Na Hee ended up divorcing Lee Gyu Jin due to problems involving her mother-in-law. Lee Sang Yeob talked about how he would go about a situation like that. “I think there’s really no right answer,” he said. “I think I’d take both sides, listen to them well, and comfort them. I don’t think I’d ever sit out. I’d be a good mediator instead.”

He continued, “I felt that I shouldn’t get used to obvious things. Na Hee and Gyu Jin had a hard time because of that. I think that I should really think about those things and live well.”

With “Once Again” ending on a happy note, Lee Sang Yeob shared that he had predicted some parts of the conclusion. “I didn’t know how Na Hee and Gyu Jin would get together again,” he admitted. “However, I knew for sure that they’d be reuniting. I liked that it was a happy ending that contrasts with the heartless reality of the first episode.”

He mentioned that he didn’t expect the couple to have twins in the end and that he worried about how to react to the pregnancy in the drama. “I didn’t know how far I should take it because I don’t know anyone around me who is pregnant,” Lee Sang Yeob said. “I just hope I didn’t look foolish.”

Lee Sang Yeob said that he likes the idea of having twins. He added, “The more the merrier. However, I’d have to ask the person I’m marrying and plan it that way.”

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