9 Idols Who Were Personally Involved With The Making Of Their MVs

The K-pop industry has seen a significant shift in the process of music-making throughout time. In earlier careers, idols were usually performers who trained hard in order to give their best on stage following their labels’ instructions in terms of sound, concepts, choreographies, and so on. Nowadays, idols have more control over making music they personally connect with and have more artistic freedom to represent their music with visuals of their choice.

Down below are some idols who have left their personal touch on their MVs. Check them out!

Disclaimer: Only official self-directed MVs are featured.

1. Kim Heechul

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul made his directorial debut in 2011 with the MV for “Close Ur Mouth,” his first single and title track as a duet with Kim Jungmo. He followed it up with MVs for “I Wish,” “Narcissus,” and “Ulsanbawi.” He even wore his director hat to make the clip for “Sweet Dream,” a collaboration single for the variety show “Ask Us Anything,” of which he is a regular member.

2. Amber Liu

f(x)’s Amber Liu is another artist who has been heavily involved in directing her music videos. From her first successful attempt with “Borders” to the anniversary MV she put together for f(x), and many other solo releases under her belt, Amber has displayed her visual talent time and time again through her music releases.

3. 2AM’s Im Seulong

Im Seulong’s participation in his self-composed album “Normal” went beyond lyric writing, as he also took part in directing both the music videos for “Tell Me Baby” and “Mood Swing” and picking the wardrobe for the former.

4. Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop has enacted all imaginable concepts, so being eventually in charge of their own album was only a matter of time! As they were crafting their DIY album, the members tried their hands on directing the pre-release video for their single “Vroom Vroom.”

5. Jackson Wang

Fans have been constantly entertained beyond expectations with Jackson working diligently on his solo music. Now, the artist has graced us with a self-directed, self-written, and self-edited music video for his latest release “Pretty Please.” One thing is certain, the outcome is pretty pleasant!

6. Tiffany Young

Upon launching her solo career in the States, Tiffany didn’t shy away from leaving her print all over her music releases in terms of lyric writing and production. With her single “Magnetic Moon,” she went a step further by creating the concept for her project and also directing it.

7. Agust D

Agust D or BTS’ Suga is a gifted producer and lyricist, and this time he channeled his inner director skills. When preparing for “Daechwita,” Suga met with the director to plan the music video. He specifically asked for a historical drama set and shared some of his ideas that were eventually incorporated in the scenes, such as the scar on his face and the contrast between the traditional and modern settings.

8. Bang Yong Guk

B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Adding to his rich list of accomplishments is his directorial role in his “AM 4:44” MV where he had a notable impact on the filming, editing, and artwork aspects of the music video.

9. (G)I-DLE

These fierce ladies have been taking the K-pop industry by storm, one release at a time. After having shared their composing and producing competencies, their talent shines once more via their directorial take on the clip they put together for “Blow Your Mind.”

Which of the idol-directed MVs above is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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