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Stray Kids has released a new making-of film for their “Back Door” music video!

The new behind-the-scenes video shows the boys joking around on set after an energetic session of filming, having fun as they play with the props and take photos of one another.

On the second day of filming, the group shoot more of their choreography scenes for the music video. I.N comments, “This music video has quite a lot of synchronized choreography.” Hyunjin asks I.N, “Are there any other key points?” I.N excitedly answers, “We all changed our hair!” Hyunjin cutely responds, “That’s not it. It’s your charming face.”

While monitoring their takes, Lee Know adorably points out “STBY” on the screen for “stand-by” and asks them to change the B to an A (for Stray Kids’ fandom name, STAY).

After evaluating their choreography, Felix shares, “Rather than dancing really seriously, I think our choreography this time captures the feeling of having fun together, as if we were dancing and enjoying ourselves at a festival.” Lee Know adds, “Our choreography involves a lot of big formations this time, and I’m satisfied that this is a music video that can show all of that well.”

Later, Han introduces his outfit by saying, “As you can see, my outfit is really cool. I don’t know if my hair color comes out well [on camera], but there’s blue, there’s yellow, and I’m basically a chameleon. The meaning of this hair is that no matter the song, I can suit it well and be very cool.” He immediately apologizes before adding, “That was a joke. In addition to our members, there are so many people here working hard for us, so our video is coming out nicely.”

He pauses to pose for photos, then continues, “We shot our album jacket photos here too. We only picked and included things our STAY would like, so it’s inevitable that you will like it.”

Felix and Bang Chan later discuss their massive ending scene, with the Stray Kids leader commenting, “The scale was really huge. I’m kind of looking forward to the ‘Back Door’ music video. No, actually, I’m looking forward to it a lot. It’s a scale that cannot disappoint.”

Watch the full making-of film below!

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