Exclusive Interview & Photos: The Boyz Dishes On

The Boyz has returned with their new album “Chase,” making their first comeback since their “Road to Kingdom” win!

To celebrate their return, The Boyz sat down with Soompi to answer questions sent in by international The B (The Boyz’s fans) via Soompi’s Instagram!

Find their answers and exclusive photos below:

Who fits the concept of this comeback the most?

Asked by @carmeianneloui

Sangyeon: All of the members fit the concept well ^^

Jacob: I think it’s Juyeon! It’s a concept where the dance performance is very important, and Juyeon is good at leading the performance and expressing the concept.

Younghoon: Juyeon. He’s good at expressing the song through his dance.

Hyunjae: Juyeon. He pulled it off well performance-wise.

Juyeon: Sunwoo. Our title track is of the hip hop dance genre, so I think our rapper Sunwoo fits it best.

Kevin: I think it’s Sunwoo, who expresses a heart-stealer on stage in the most easygoing way.

New: I think all of the members pulled it off well.

Q: I think Juyeon steals hearts really well like a real stealer.

Ju Haknyeon: Eric because I think he’d steal hearts really well.

Sunwoo: Juyeon.

Eric: Sunwoo and Eric. The energetic pureness and unexpected sides of the maknaes shone even more.

What are you looking forward to the most this comeback?

Asked by @na_nnaaa

Sangyeon: Music show stages!

Jacob: I’m looking forward to The B’s reactions when they see the performance for the first time! We worked hard on it, so I’m hoping for good reactions!

Younghoon: The B’s reactions because it’s a performance with a different feeling than before.

Hyunjae: We’ll be performing a lot, and I think I’ll be anticipating each performance.

Juyeon: The formations in the choreography include fun elements that are different from our previous performances, so I’m anticipating what our fans will think when they see it.

Kevin: It’s our first comeback after “Road to Kingdom,” so I’m looking forward to seeing the reactions of both our long-time fans and our new fans.

New: I’m sad that we can’t see The B from up close, but I think there are more people cheering us on now, so I’m looking forward to our promotions.

Q: I’m hoping that The B will like our concept this time.

Ju Haknyeon: I’m really, really looking forward to seeing how much our fans will love it.

Sunwoo: How much our ability to express has grown.

Eric: Performing and showing our new sides to The B.

What is the “Road to Kingdom” performance that you are the most proud of?

Asked by @junelea.a

Sangyeon: “Danger”! It was clean, and the story in the performance was very solid.

Jacob: “Danger”! There were many tricks involved, and I was proud that we had just finished the stage safely.

Younghoon: The Hwarang stage. The outfits were very cool, and the dance fit the song so well.

Hyunjae: Every performance because we worked hard on every performance.

Juyeon: “Danger.” It’s a performance that involves many tricks, so I’m very proud of the members for pulling it off well.

Kevin: “Shangri-La,” which was different and broke the mold.

New: “Shangri-La.” There was a lot of trial and error because we had to prepare many things in a short amount of time, and that’s why it’s a performance I love.

Q: I’m proud of every stage. In every performance we expressed a new feeling and a new story and overcame it, so even when I watch them now, each performance makes me emotional and is close to my heart.

Ju Haknyeon: I believe we left a strong impression through various performances, so personally I was most proud of “Reveal.”

Sunwoo: “Danger”!

Eric: I’m proud of every stage, but if I had to choose one, it would be “Danger.” The song is by Taemin, whom I look up to, and we succeeded in doing stunts that wouldn’t have been possible without trust between the members.

If you could remake one of The Boyz’s old songs, which one would you choose?

Asked by @je2_o

Sangyeon: “No Air.” The song is good, and the key choreography is nice.

Jacob: I would like to try “Reveal” as a sad ballad! I think it would be nice to show something like the intro part of “Reveal” from “Road to Kingdom” as a full song.

Younghoon: “Giddy Up.” I want to make it funky, unlike the original song.

Hyunjae: A ballad version of “Back 2 U”!

Juyeon: “No Air.” I’d like to reconstruct the music and performance and see how it turns out.

Kevin: I think it would be cool to rearrange “Lucid Dream” into a dark version.

New: “Lucid Dream.” I think it would be nice to remake it with a more lyrical, sad atmosphere.

Q: I want to try an acoustic version of “Reveal” with everyone.

Ju Haknyeon: “Boy”! I think we’d be able to show various sides of a young boy.

Sunwoo: “Reveal.”

Eric: “Giddy Up.” I want to make an EDM version and enjoy it with The B as the ending song at our concert later on.

What’s your favorite part of preparing for a comeback?

Asked by @mina_freja

Sangyeon: Recording and singing because I feel happy.

Jacob: Checking the teasers that come up as we’re practicing. I think it’s really fun and great!

Younghoon: The fact that we’re having a comeback is what I like most.

Hyunjae: I don’t enjoy the process because it’s hard and tiring, but it is fun to imagine the end result.

Juyeon: When the teaser comes out and our fans look forward to it, I feel both nervous and excited.

Kevin: Practicing with the team and creating synergy while imagining ourselves on stage!

New: I’m most excited when I’m first introduced to the new songs.

Q: It’s most exciting to hear the title track for the first time.

Ju Haknyeon: Filming the teaser was the most fresh and fun part.

Sunwoo: Monitoring what I’ve recorded.

Eric: Learning new choreography. Attempting a new hairstyle or hair color.

Among the members, who do you think changed a lot or matured since your debut?

Asked by @rizaagustino

Sangyeon: All of the members’ mindsets. We gained confidence through “Road to Kingdom.”

Jacob: Eric! The baby is all grown up now and has grown well. I think he’ll keep growing!

Younghoon: Q. He’s become calm and somehow cool.

Hyunjae: I think everyone has become mature, so I can’t choose just one member.

Juyeon: I think everyone did. When I look at our old videos and then our recent ones, we’ve all matured.

Kevin: Jacob has become the most mature. He seems to have found his own identity, so I’m very proud of him as his younger brother~

New: Every single member has grown and matured.

Q: All of the members have matured in every aspect.

Ju Haknyeon: All of the team members have matured, but I think Kevin has matured the most out of everyone.

Sunwoo: Everyone remains unchanged, haha.

Eric: Eric. My face has become more adult-like.

What does The Boyz mean to you?

Asked by @lyjthy_

Sangyeon: My youth. I poured everything into it at the age I shine most.

Jacob: Family! I love our precious members!

Younghoon: They are most like my family after my actual family.

Hyunjae: Just us ourselves.

Juyeon: It’s like school. When you go to school, you have your friends, and you spend a lot of time at school.

Kevin: Family and a stimulus!

New: Everything in my life right now.

Q: My dream, my second life.

Ju Haknyeon: My path.

Sunwoo: Wings.

Eric: History and family. We do everything together like family. History that won’t change no matter how much time passes.

What do you want to achieve during this year?

Asked by @rnjnsyfa

Sangyeon: Charting within the top 10 on music charts.

Jacob: My biggest goal is to begin 2021 healthily without anyone getting hurt! And I want to do a good job with our upcoming concert and comeback!

Younghoon: Winning every music show.

Hyunjae: The Boyz and Hyunjae having visibly grown!

Juyeon: My biggest goal is to imprint The Boyz into the minds of more people.

Kevin: I’d like to get more than two wins on music shows!

New: I’d like to win on music shows and maintain a high position on music charts.

Q: Performing in front of The B.

Ju Haknyeon: I want to rank high on music charts.

Sunwoo: Wrapping up our promotions in good health.

Eric: Meeting The B and winning on music shows.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Asked by @si.paniii

Sangyeon: If the opportunity comes, I would like to collaborate with EXO‘s D.O. because I like his voice and because he is really good [at singing].

Jacob: Sam Kim and DAY6!

Younghoon: Dean. His voice is so nice, and his songs all have a great vibe.

Hyunjae: Rain.

Juyeon: Yaeji. She is a Korean-American electronica musician who is famous worldwide. Her music is very unique and exciting, so I think it would refreshing to work together with her.

Kevin: Still Beyoncé of course~

New: Taeyeon and IU

Q: Chungha

Ju Haknyeon: Justin Bieber because the second song I learned is Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

Sunwoo: Rapper Beenzino!!

Eric: Rather than collaborations, I want to focus on The Boyz more for now and make good music.

What’s your go-to karaoke song?

Asked by @sinceitsfai

Sangyeon: John Park’s “Childlike.”

Jacob: Steelheart’s “She’s Gone.”

Younghoon: Paul Kim’s “Every Day, Every Moment.”

Hyunjae: Na Yoon Kwon’s “If It Were Me.”

Juyeon: Lee Sora’s “As the First Impression.”

Kevin: HONNE’s “Day 1 ◑” and Chancellor’s “Angel.”

New: It has been too long since I last went to karaoke.

Q: Huh Gak’s “Hello.”

Ju Haknyeon: So Chan Whee’s “Tears.”

Sunwoo: Crush’s “Crush on You.”

Eric: I don’t have any!

What do you guys enjoy doing during your breaks?

Asked by @joquii

Sangyeon: I listen to music or work on music production.

Jacob: These days, I get some shut-eye and rest so I can recharge!

Younghoon: I review my drama script.

Hyunjae: I play games and eat delicious food.

Juyeon: I go home or eat delicious food with my friends.

Kevin: I watch movies, go to art exhibits, or draw!

New: I sleep or read books. I like traveling the most.

Q: I stay at the dorm or my home.

Ju Haknyeon: I like intense sports such as horseback riding, skiing, or wakeboarding.

Sunwoo: I tend to read webtoons, watch movies, or play games.

Eric: I watch TV while eating food or rest while playing games.

What are your go-to late night snacks?

Asked by @leerah._.art.17

Sangyeon: Chicken is yummy~

Jacob: Rice balls! They’re so delicious!!

Younghoon: Chicken

Hyunjae: Chicken!

Juyeon: Bossam (boiled pork slices)

Kevin: Chicken feet!

New: I like eating noodles and meat

Q: Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes)

Ju Haknyeon: Chicken ♡

Sunwoo: Hamburger!

Eric: Ramyun and tteokbokki

What is your favorite fashion item?

Asked by @364niko

Sangyeon: Team ring, hat.

Jacob: Bucket hat is a must!!

Younghoon: Necklace.

Hyunjae: Hat!

Juyeon: Beanie.

Kevin: Wide pants with tight ankles.

New: Accessories.

Q: Checkered shirt.

Ju Haknyeon: Necklace, watch, or brooch.

Sunwoo: Blazer.

Eric: Hat.

Which figure from a drama, film, novel, or animation would be the most exciting to meet in real life?

Asked by @_ainxcyj

Sangyeon: Actor Ma Dong Seok. I am a fan because he is good at acting.

Jacob: I want to meet Iron Man and become friends! I think that would be a fun life.

Younghoon: Tony Stark (Iron Man) because he is the coolest, and I have liked him since I was young.

Hyunjae: Iron Man!

Juyeon: Michael Jackson because he is an artist I respect.

Kevin: I would like to live at least a day in the “Adventure Time” world.

New: Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants.

Q: SpongeBob.

Ju Haknyeon: Harry Potter!! I’ve really liked him since I was young.

Sunwoo: Lee Kyung Woo from “Love Revolution.”

Eric: Doraemon because I think he would fulfill my wish.

What movie or drama have you been into recently?

Asked by @anisafaujiaa

Sangyeon: “The Old Guard.”

Jacob: I watched “6 Underground” on Netflix!

Younghoon: I enjoy watching the drama “Love Revolution” ^^

Hyunjae: “Love Revolution” because Younghoon is in it.

Juyeon: The movie “Moulin Rouge!” left a strong impression on me.

Kevin: I watched the movie “The Big Sick” recently!

New: “Money Heist.”

Q: The movie “La Vie En Rose.”

Ju Haknyeon: “The Old Guard.” It’s fun!

Sunwoo: “Love Revolution.”

Eric: I enjoy watching zombie movies.

What are some words that you want to say to international The B?

Asked by @ghnarj_

Sangyeon: I miss you. I hope we can meet as soon as possible.

Jacob: [in English] Heyoo!! Thank you so much for your love and support, and I know times are rough, but I hope you stay strong, and let’s get through this together! Hope to see you guys sometime in the near future!!

Younghoon: I hope to meet The B as soon as possible. The Boyz is making an impressive comeback this time, so please show lots of interest and love.

Hyunjae: Even if we’re far away, you are always in The Boyz’s hearts, so let’s continue together all the way~~

Juyeon: International The B~ I miss you so much. When the situation improves, we will definitely go find you, so stay healthy until then, and please continue to give The Boyz lots of support~~!

Kevin: It’s hard to meet directly these days, but we will always work hard on our activities! Until the day that we can stand in front of The B again, get around carefully and be healthy!!

New: Our The B who we miss, I hope the days when we can interact with The B on stage can come soon. I will be working hard in my position, so please keep your eye on The Boyz. I love you♥

Q: International The B, I miss you so so much. Although we cannot meet right now, when everything is okay again, The Boyz will go find you and give you strength. Let’s all hwaiting!! Thank you The B.

Ju Haknyeon: Thank you for always supporting us from afar. Although I feel very sorry that we cannot go see you directly due to this situation, I’m glad we will be able to show you diverse performances when we make a comeback. Always be healthy!

Sunwoo: Although we are physically far apart, let’s think of each other and hope that we will be able to meet!

Eric: Hello The B! First of all, thank you for giving lots of love for this comeback also. Always be healthy and happy until the day we meet again hopefully when the situation improves soon!

The B, thank you for asking great questions!

Make sure to watch The Boyz’s music video for their new title track “The Stealer” here!

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