Watch: Park Ha Sun, Uhm Ji Won, And More Take You Inside The Luxurious World Of “Birthcare Center”

tvN’s upcoming drama “Birthcare Center” has unveiled a teaser and main poster!

“Birthcare Center” is a drama in the noir genre about the world of high-level postpartum care. It centers around a woman named Oh Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji Won), who is the youngest executive at her company but the oldest mother at her luxurious postpartum care center. During her stay there, she meets other new mothers and struggles to adapt to the strange environment of the care center.

In the main poster, Uhm Ji Won and Park Ha Sun enjoy a feast before their lives as mothers are set to begin. Despite the elegance of their surroundings, there is an aura of mystery. Uhm Ji Won looks afraid, while Park Ha Sun, who plays Jo Eun Jung, the “queen bee” of the postpartum care center, smiles slyly as she glances at her out of the corner of her eye.

The two figures in the background also have strange looks on their faces: Choi Hye Sook, played by Jang Hye Jin, is the director of the postpartum care center, while Lee Roo Da, played by Choi Ri, is another patient there in her twenties. The caption on the poster reads ominously, “Is this really heaven?”

In the drama’s first teaser, the four women welcome the viewer to the world of the postpartum care center, which is outfitted with beautiful furniture and all the amenities that a woman recovering from giving birth could need. Dramatic music plays in the background as an unnamed woman knocks at a door and says softly, “Ma’am?” (The word in Korean is the word for “mother,” or more specifically, a woman who will give or has just given birth.)

“Birthcare Center” will premiere in November and will be available on Viki.

Check out the teaser below!

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