Bae Da Bin Happily Celebrates Park Eun Bin’s Blossoming Relationship With Kim Min Jae In “Do You Like Brahms?”

SBS’s “Do You Like Brahms?” shared a glimpse of a happy moment in the upcoming episode!

“Do You Like Brahms?” is a romance drama about talented classical music students chasing love, happiness, and dreams. Kim Min Jae stars as world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young, while Park Eun Bin plays Chae Song Ah, a violinist who set out to pursue her love of music later in life than her peers. Bae Da Bin takes the role of Kang Min Jung, Chae Song Ah’s best friend.


In the last episode, Chae Song Ah promised to wait for Park Joon Young, but the more her feelings grew for him, the more she grew anxious about their relationship. She became conscious about their differences because he’s a renowned prodigy while she’s a late bloomer in the music world. Park Joon Young realized Chae Song Ah was growing further away from him and confessed he liked her. Finally, they opened up their feelings to each other and sealed their new relationship with a sweet kiss.

On September 25, the drama unveiled new stills of Chae Song Ah and Park Joon Young meeting with Kang Min Jung.

Chae Song Ah shyly tells Kang Min Jung about being in a relationship with Park Joon Young, and Kang Min Jung happily gives her full blessing to the new couple. Kang Min Jung gives her a tight, supportive hug, and Chae Song Ah beams blissfully in her embrace. 

However, their happiness may be short-lived due to several complicated matters. First off, Yoon Dong Yoon (Lee Yoo Jin), Chae Song Ah’s unrequited love, suddenly confessed to her, which may hurt her relationship with Kang Min Jung. On top of that, Han Hyun Ho (Kim Sung Cheol) and Lee Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun) will increase the tension in the drama with their unpredictable jealousy.

The next episode of “Do You Like Brahms?” will air on September 28 at 10 p.m. KST.

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