2PM’s Wooyoung Reveals His Home And Surprises Cast With His Daily Life On “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”)

2PM’s Wooyoung showed his home and everyday life on “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”)!

On the September 25 episode of the show, Wooyoung shared that he’s been living on his own for eight years, and this is his sixth year in his current place.

“I looked at 30 to 40 places before I found this home, because my home is such an important place to me,” he said. “As soon as I saw this place, I didn’t stop to consider at all and chose it right away.”

Wooyoung shared that he’s very interested in interior design. His home is full of cute and unique things, as well as a large record collection and a DJing turntable that he uses as a hobby.

The episode showed him waking up in the morning and right away stretching, cleaning his dental guard (which he uses to avoid grinding his teeth), and doing oil pulling with coconut oil. He also gave himself a steam massage.

Wooyoung loves oil so much that he’s even got a box of aromatic oils. He shared that he became interested in aromatic oils after he experienced their positive effects, such as helping to clear up warts. “When I was in the military, people would gradually come to me instead of going to the medical unit, and they’d call me ‘Doctor Jang,'” he shared.

When Wooyoung was about to turn his washing machine on, he came across a white shirt that had yellowed and he headed toward his cupboard. Inside, there were all kinds of different chemicals that he uses to remove stains on his clothes.

Wooyoung explained that since he came back from his military service, he’s done all his own laundry, without even having a dry cleaner deal with items that are difficult to clean. The cast was impressed to see how he got stains out of his jeans, and later his shirt also turned out to look much whiter than before thanks to his treatment.

While his shirt was soaking, he set out to use a towel and sleeping socks to clean the screen of his sliding door to prevent a flare up of his dust allergies. In the studio, the cast was surprised by this unexpected cleaning method. Wooyoung put the sock on his hand and sprayed water on it, allowing him to get all the dust off the screen.

Wooyoung then headed out to visit the home of his friend, composer Super Chanddai, and the guys ate a lot together. When Wooyoung returned home, he surprised everyone in the studio again when he poured alcohol into two glasses but then didn’t drink any, just placing them in the fridge instead.

Wooyoung explained that food scents make the fridge smell, and the alcohol acts as a deodorizer. Park Na Rae commented, “I think he’s the best at housework of all the people we’ve had on ‘Home Alone.'”

At the end, Wooyoung shared that his plan for next year is a 2PM full group comeback, as members Junho and Chansung will be discharged from the military. “My No. 1 goal is for all of us to get together and do a comeback,” he said.

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