SuperM Chooses Favorite Moments From Their Reality Show

SuperM shared their thoughts on their new reality show “Mtopia”!

On September 28, an online press conference was held for SuperM’s show “Mtopia,” which follows the seven members of SuperM as they set off for a special vacation. Producing director (PD) Jo Hyun Jung and the SuperM members shared what fans should watch for, which roles each member played, and more.

PD Jo Hyun Jung commented, “We filled the show with the things on the members’ wish lists. We also set up booby traps throughout the vacation spots, which will make everyone laugh.”

The group was excited to talk about their experience on the show. Mark said, “We had a fun time filming throughout.” Taeyong added, “I don’t think I’ve ever been on a variety show where I had so much fun in one day. I didn’t want to miss a second of it.”

Baekhyun said, “I realized that a lot of content can be created even by investing a short amount of time. The show is not emotional, just extremely fun.”

The members of SuperM mentioned their perfect chemistry with one another, and Baekhyun shared how they got closer. “We swam and showered together,” he said. “I felt like we were real brothers.”

He added, “This can’t appear on the show, but Taeyong, Kai, and I swam in the pool while wearing nothing.” In response, Kai clarified, “Only Baekhyun took off all his clothes.”

Later, PD Jo Hyun Jung described Taemin as the “Mother Teresa” of the group and noted that Mark had the best reactions.

“Ten was the ace, like a master of martial arts,” Jo Hyun Jung continued. “Kai and Lucas showed off their charms as a pair, and viewers can look forward to Taeyong’s clumsiness.”

Jo Hyun Jung went on to say that it would be too hard to choose the member who is the best at variety shows, as everyone was fun to watch on set and during editing. Meanwhile, Baekhyun chose Kai as the perfect member for variety shows. He said, “While we were promoting as EXO, Kai learned a lot from me.” Baekhyun added, “He feels like my own student,” making everyone laugh.

The members then talked about special moments to look out for. Taeyong mentioned the limousine in which the members played games, and Mark hinted at how he got to learn more about the connection between seagulls and shrimp-flavored snacks. Taemin talked about being competitive while Lucas commented that he tried buckwheat noodles for the first time.

Next, Ten shared that he was able to experience freedom through the show. Kai said that it’ll be fun to see the members’ more natural appearances, mentioning that Baekhyun didn’t wear any makeup.

SuperM also shared their thoughts on a second season of the show. Kai said, “I think it’d be nice to visit the members’ hometowns and try the food there.” Taemin added, “I’d love to do that when the [COVID-19] situation gets better.”

“Mtopia” premiered on September 23 through the OTT platform wavve, and new episodes are released every Wednesday.

Check out “SuperM the Beginning” below!

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