14 Hard-Hitting K-Pop Songs To Add To Your Running Playlist

K-pop is often intense and high-energy, which makes it great music to work out to. With the weather getting cooler (for many of us in the northern hemisphere) and with some of us still looking for outdoor forms of exercise, now is the perfect time of year for running! Now some of you might thinking: “I hate running.” But these 14 K-pop songs might just change your mind. They’re exciting, energetic, and most importantly, have hard-hitting beats that will keep you out there and keep your legs moving! So whether you’re a marathon enthusiast or can barely motivate yourself to lace up your running shoes, give these songs a try next time you’re on a run!

1. “Favorite Boys” — A.C.E

A.C.E’s latest track grabs your attention from its first line, and just keeps getting more lit from there. With multiple rhythm changes, “Favorite Boys” will keep you on your toes, and its high-energy chorus will push you to power through!

2. “I Feel Good” — EXID

This EXID throwback is so perfect for a run that the MV even shows scenes of Solji on a treadmill. “I Feel Good” is fun and breezy enough to keep you energized through any run — and it might even convince you that you “feel good” even when you mostly just feel tired.

3. “Fighter” — MONSTA X

“Fighter” is such a perfect workout song that you could probably get through a whole run just listening to it on repeat. Cinematic but not too heavy-handed, this MONSTA X hit is layered with excitement from its first notes through its lit raps, and the chorus of “’cause I’m a fighter” is excellent exercise motivation!

4. “Power” — EXO

“Power” is perhaps more lighthearted fun than super hard-hitting, but it’s impossible not to smile and feel motivated while listening to this song — which makes it ideal for running! (Of course, the rhythmic “Tempo” is also a nice EXO alternative).

5. “Not That Type” — gugudan

gugudan’s 2018 single is fierce, unapologetically bold, and has a driving beat that will keep your legs moving. It doesn’t hurt that this track also highlights the ladies’ confident vocals!

6. “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)” — BTS

It’s hard to choose just one song from BTS’s many hard-hitting tracks, but this “MIC Drop” remix has such an insanely catchy beat that it’s a perfect song to run to. It practically propels your legs forward! “MIC Drop” starts off strong and never looks back, just like you.


What could be better for a run than the chorus of “oh, run baby run” in KARD’s “RED MOON”? This song is dramatic, passionate, and bound to keep you going!

8. “Jackpot” — Block B

This Block B hit goes through some fun tempo changes, so it’ll easily take your mind off your run while making sure you don’t get bored! Its lilting verses are matched with a lively chorus that will keep you energized.

9. “Kill This Love” — BLACKPINK

Nothing will inspire you to crush your run more than some “Kill This Love”! This blaring, brassy track and its marching percussion are downright empowering, and will keep you on your feet for sure.


ATEEZ is known for their hard-hitting discography, but “HALA HALA” in particular has an unapologetically driving beat that makes it insanely good for a run. The track expertly builds tension to an explosive finale, which is perfect for a short sprint!

11. “Chase Me” — DreamCatcher

As its title might suggest, “Chase Me” is a thrilling whirlwind of a song. With some classical piano melodies building up to a breathlessly exciting chorus, DreamCatcher is sure to keep you energized!

12. “Boxer” — Stray Kids

This Stray Kids b-side is hard-hitting but also whimsical enough that it never gets boring! The lyrics play on the theme of boxing, but the boys’ gruff raps will coach you through your run just as well as through any boxing match.


Let CLC take you up in their latest single “HELICOPTER.” Powerfully percussive and with inspiring lyrics that remind you not to give up, this track is ideal for a running playlist!

14. “Come Back Home” — ONEUS

This recent release from ONEUS is a great way to wrap up a run as you head back home: dramatic, powerful, and showcasing the members’ stunning vocals, “Come Back Home” will help you finish on a strong note!

Need a longer playlist? Here are some additional song suggestions: SEVENTEEN’s “HIT,” Girls’ Generation’s “Catch Me If You Can,” BVNDIT’s “Jungle,” NCT 127’s “Kick It,” B.A.P’s “Power,” Super Junior’s “Black Suit,” SISTAR’s “I Like That,” and BIGBANG’s “BANG BANG BANG.”

Of course, there are a lot of other hard-hitting K-pop songs out there! Which ones are on your running playlists? Or do you prefer to just listen from the comfort of your room? Let us know in the comments!

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