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Do You Like Brahms?” has shared a new look at the uploading episode!

“Do You Like Brahms?” is a romance drama about classical musicians who are torn between their dreams and the harshness of reality as they pursue their love of music. Kim Min Jae stars as world-renowned pianist Park Joon Young, while Park Eun Bin stars as Chae Song Ah, an aspiring violinist who enters the field later in life than her peers.

At the end of episode 9, Chae Song Ah kindly pushed away Yoon Dong Yoon (played by Lee Yoo Jin) after he had confessed his feelings to her. However, their conversation was heard by Kang Min Sung (Bae Da Bin), who has always spoken with Chae Song Ah about her feelings for Yoon Dong Yoon. Kang Min Sung felt tricked by the two of them and ran away, and the episode ended with Chae Song Ah in despair.

Ahead of the September 29 broadcast, the show shared stills of Chae Song Ah looking upset because of what had happened with Kang Min Sung. Next to her is Park Joon Young, who is comforting her as she looks at him with tears in her eyes.

Back when she had liked Yoon Dong Yoon, Chae Song Ah had hidden her feelings because she wanted to protect her friendship, and she had kept them hidden after he confessed to her because she didn’t want to hurt Kang Min Sung. In the end, everyone ended up getting hurt.

Park Joon Young is able to understand how Chae Song Ah feels better than anyone else, as his relationship with his old friends also fell apart. Fans of the show are waiting to find out what Chae Song Ah expresses to Park Joon Young and how he will help her by providing comfort.

The production team stated, “Song Ah and Joon Young keep having to deal with a reality that isn’t what they wanted, even beyond the issue of their friendships. As this goes on, we’ll show the two of them as they try to learn more about each other.” They also asked viewers to look forward to the emotional performances by Park Eun Bin and Kim Min Jae.

In another set of stills, Park Joon Young faces his friend Han Hyun Ho (played by Kim Sung Chul). Park Joon Young has been dealing with the painful situation of a broken relationship between his longtime friends Han Hyun Ho and Lee Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun). Park Joon Young and Han Hyun Ho clashed emotionally in the last episode, which made fans’ hearts break. Although Han Hyun Ho pretends to ignore Lee Jung Kyung, he’s worried about her, which makes it hard on Park Joon Young too.

The stills show a painful meeting between the two after Park Joon Young came to find him. He looks sincere as he explains the feelings he hadn’t been able to properly explain before. However, Han Hyun Ho has a cold look in his eyes as he listens. Viewers are curious to find out what the pair are saying to each other in this difficult conversation.

The production team shared that Park Joon Young has complicated feelings as he watches Lee Jung Kyung and Han Hyun Ho in their difficult situation. Fans can also anticipate passionate performances by Kim Min Jae and Kim Sung Chul, as they portray the emotions of Lee Joon Young as he watches his friend in pain and of Han Hyun Ho, who unexpectedly speaks coldly to him.

Episode 10 of “Do You Like Brahms?” airs on September 29 at 10 p.m. KST.

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