Park Kyung Issues Apology After Accusations Of School Bullying

Park Kyung has written to apologize for his past actions.

On September 28, someone who said they attended middle school with Park Kyung wrote a post on Instagram accusing of him of committing school violence.

He alleged that Park Kyung, along with the students Park Kyung hung out with, had taken money and belongings from weaker students at the back gate of their school. He also wrote that Park Kyung had smoked, drunk alcohol, and cursed since he was in middle school. He stated that while their school was only for boys, Park Kyung had bragged and claimed to have had sex with female students at other schools.

“Park Kyung was particularly a scary person for weak students,” the poster wrote. “He would hit disabled students and particularly younger students, and even among his classmates, he would pick just the small students or the weakest looking ones and hit them.”

The poster stated that as a victim, they were disheartened when they saw Park Kyung achieving success, describing him as hypocritical and putting on a fake persona. They expressed their hope that Park Kyung would show regret.

Through a later edit, in response to questions about why he hadn’t brought this up before, he wrote that when Park Kyung was promoting with Block B, he hadn’t played a large role or often appeared on his own, so it hadn’t been as painful for him. However, he stated that memories of what he’d gone through were brought back when he saw him recently portrayed in the media as a “righteous and gentlemanlike” person.

He also wrote in his edit, “Park Kyung knew his victims were out there even two to three years ago, and he visited them to try to get them to keep quiet.”

On September 29, Park Kyung issued the following statement via social media:

Hello, this is Park Kyung.

I saw that a post was uploaded about my school days.

I’m sorry. I sincerely apologize to the people who were hurt because of me at the time, and to the people who have been hurt because memories of those days came up whenever they saw me.

When I was in elementary school, I was a child who only studied. But, for some reason, I was teased or looked down on by the other children my age because of that.

I was smaller than my peers, and I took those memories with me when I entered middle school.

I hated being seen as a “model student” and I liked attention, and the kids who would play around seemed cool to me.

I wanted to fit in with them, and I did shameful things with them. I think I thought that if I were with them, then people wouldn’t walk all over me.

I greatly regret my immaturity in my youth.

I’m well aware that while I have been living a busy life, the people that I hurt will never be able to forget those memories, and that that pain can never be justified.

I ask that the people who were hurt by me contact me directly or through my agency. I want to meet you personally to apologize and ask your forgiveness.

I was scared that after you read about this issue, you might think I’m inconsistent, or think, “It was all pretense and he was acting.” However, I think I would be more ashamed if I had issued my statement through my agency, so I’m writing this directly.

I apologize once again.

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