Moon Geun Young Leaves Agency Namoo Actors After 16 Years, Shares Reason Behind Her Decision

Moon Geun Young has departed from Namoo Actors, the agency she has worked with for 16 years.

On September 30, Namoo Actors shared the news of the end of their exclusive contract with the actress through the following statement:

Namoo Actors sympathizes with and respects actress Moon Geun Young’s concerns, such as her worries as an actress, growing pains, and change in circumstances, and so we came to an agreement to end our management role.

As we have until now, we will continue to support the career and happiness of actress Moon Geun Young from close by, as fans who are like family.

Thank you.

That day, Moon Geun Young also shared a letter on her fan community. She wrote:

You must have been quite surprised by the unexpected news, but I’m doing well. So I hope you won’t be too worried.

Hm… I made this big decision because I realized that I need a turning point in both my life and my life as an actress. I also realized I want to step out of what’s familiar to me and refresh myself.

To be honest, I do not have any concrete plans. My only plan is to reorganize my mind and my body, as the time that I’ll be calmly walking in the future is longer than the time I’ve walked so far. I hope to treasure this moment now, feel grateful for the life I’ve been given, and live that time with a bit more humility.

I had a lot of worries about this new decision, but I really, really sincerely thank you for worrying about me and supporting me! I’m going to see, feel, and learn more things so I’ll improve and bring you good news. Therefore I sincerely hope that until that day, both your body and mind stay healthy, you dream freely, and you’re happy.

Also, have a happy Chuseok holiday.

Moon Geun Young made her first onscreen appearance in 1999 in the documentary film “On the Way” and she quickly rose to fame when she played the younger version of Song Hye Kyo‘s character in the hit drama “Autumn in my Heart” in 2000. Known as the “Nation’s Little Sister,” she has acted in films such as “A Tale of Two Sisters,” “My Little Bride,” “Innocent Steps,” and “The Throne.” Her dramas have included “Painter of the Wind,” “Cinderella’s Sister,” “Marry Me, Mary!“, “The Village Achiara’s Secret,” and most recently “Catch the Ghost” in 2019. Moon Geun Young has been with Namoo Actors since 2004, when the agency was established.

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