SEVENTEEN's Joshua, LOONA's Vivi, CLC's Sorn, And More Foreign Idols Share How They're Celebrating Chuseok This Year

News outlet eDaily recently interviewed five idols who aren’t from Korea about how they’re spending this year’s Chuseok holiday! The stars include CLC’s Sorn, Rocket Punch’s Juri, SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, LOONA’s Vivi, and Secret Number’s Dita.

Commonly known as the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving, Chuseok is a major festival that falls on October 1 this year, and the holiday period began on September 30.

Sorn, who is originally from Thailand, shared in her interview, “Every year during the holidays, I received a vacation of 5-10 days and I always went to Thailand to see my family. Since I can’t go to Thailand because of COVID-19, I’m staying in Seoul for the first time. Although I can’t see my family, all of my foreign friends are in the same situation so I plan to have a good time with them.”

When asked if she’s had any memorable Chuseok experiences, Sorn told a story about her and labelmate (G)I-DLE‘s Minnie. She explained, “There was a time when (G)I-DLE’s Minnie and I took the same plane to Thailand and hung out there. Since we were busy with promotions, we couldn’t see each other often. To us, being together in Thailand was such an amazing experience.”

Sorn revealed that once the situation with COVID-19 improves, she wants to spend her next vacation in the United States. She shared, “I really want to go the United States one day. After spending the last eight years in Korea, I’ve met many friends who frequently go back and forth between Korea and the United States. I want to go see my friends, receive dance lessons, and make music with my friends who are producers. I want to properly get the feel of the United States!”

During Chuseok, it is tradition to make a wish while looking at the full moon. Sorn shared her wish for CLC, commenting, “Starting next year, I hope CLC gets extremely busy. With our most recent comeback, we had made our fans wait for a year. Starting next year, I want to be so busy that we don’t even have time to rest. Once the situation with COVID-19 improves, I want to go on overseas tours and attend many events.”

To wish her fans a happy Chuseok, Sorn shared, “Cheshire [CLC’s fans], I hope you all have a fun Chuseok. Since you’ve all worked hard, I hope you play to your heart’s content and rest well. Always stay safe and have a fun Chuseok. When we return, let’s all work hard again. You know I’m always supporting you, right? Have a happy Chuseok.”

Rocket Punch’s Japanese member Juri shared that for her holidays, she plans to practice singing and dancing.

She added, “I’ve recently been into watching movies. For the time I’m in our dorm, I plan to watch movies I’ve wanted to watch. I’m going to watch ‘Along With the Gods,’ which I’ve been most curious about. Since I’ve been given lots of time for the first time in a while, I want to detox so I can make my body clean.”

When asked about a memorable Chuseok experience in the past, Juri touched on her time promoting as an AKB48 member in Japan. She shared, “During the holidays, there was a time where we would go back and forth between promoting and resting. After performing on December 31 and January 1, I received a vacation from January 2 to 5, so I went to Disneyland and had a great time at the Disney hotel. Then on January 6, we held a handshake event with our fans.”

For her Chuseok wish, Juri shared, “I’ve watched many Korean horror movies. That’s why these days, I still get so scared thinking of the ghosts from the movies. I wish that nothing scary happens to my members, our Ketchy [Rocket Punch’s fans], and my family.”

Lastly, Juri commented, “To me, Ketchy is my light. Whenever I think of our Ketchy, I become happy and receive strength. I want to tell our Ketchy that I’m thankful and love them. I hope both our Ketchy and Rocket Punch are happy.”

Joshua is originally from Los Angeles, California. When asked about his Chuseok plans, he said, “SEVENTEEN are preparing music with the goal to comeback in October. Since we are working hard to prepare SEVENTEEN’s new album, please look forward to it. Please spend your Chuseok holiday safely and enjoyably while listening to lots of SEVENTEEN songs.”

He expanded on his other plans, sharing, “During my rest, I think I’ll watch movies at home, read books, or do some beading. After debuting, I spent most of my Chuseok holidays practicing and went on vacations once we were given our own personal time. This time, since we’re in a situation where we have to limit travel, I think I’ll spend my time at home.”

Joshua shared that going on vacation is on his holiday bucket list and talked about a time he went on vacation with fellow member Mingyu. He explained, “Last year, I went on a trip to Cebu with Mingyu and it was so nice. We hadn’t planned ahead of time so I think the spontaneity made it more fun. It’s my most memorable vacation so I want to go again.”

When asked about his Chuseok wish, Joshua answered, “Please make everyone on earth healthy and happy.” He added, “I hope the situation with COVID-19 gets better quickly so we can personally greet Carat [SEVENTEEN’s fans] all over the world. I hope that Carat are always happy. I hope you have a good time with family this Chuseok and are always healthy. Eat lots of yummy food.”

With LOONA’s upcoming comeback fast approaching, Vivi shared that she plans to spend most of her Chuseok holiday in their practice room. She shared, “Since we are making a comeback soon, I’ve been practicing diligently with my members and have begun receiving personal training. Even during the holidays, I think I’ll be receiving dance lessons in our practice room and preparing for our comeback. However, since it’s still Chuseok and therefore a special day, I want to eat traditional Chuseok food with my members.”

Vivi is LOONA’s only foreign member, having come from Hong Kong. Although she’s spending this Chuseok practicing, she revealed that she’s spent a previous Chuseok at member Hyunjin’s home. She shared, “After seeing how they made food for Chuseok and performed their ancestral memorial ceremony, I was able to personally feel the Korean Chuseok culture. It was a good and fascinating experience.”

Vivi revealed that if she receives a vacation for the next holiday, she hopes to enjoy refreshments with her family. She continued, “In my hometown, there’s a holiday food that they only sell for two months during Chuseok. Like Korea’s songpyeon (half-moon shaped rice cakes), we enjoy it during Chuseok and there is a wide variety. It’s delicious, so I think about it whenever Chuseok comes.”

Vivi plans to make her Chuseok wish with regards to her family, LOONA, and their fans. She explained, “Everyone is enduring such a difficult time due to COVID-19. I hope it all gets better quickly so I can personally greet fans and see my family. Also, after our comeback, including our music shows, I want to have a good time promoting on variety shows and through other various content.”

Vivi added, “I really want to make a comeback quickly and show our fans our performance. LOONA’s ’12:00′ album concept photos are continuously being released through social media. Through a variety of content, you’ll be able to feel a vibe and mysteriousness that LOONA has not shown yet.”

Lastly, to LOONA’s fans Orbit, Vivi commented, “You’re spending your holidays happily, right? The day we can meet is soon approaching. If you wait just a bit while looking at LOONA’s concept photos, we’ll come find you soon. Let’s have a good time together. Have a good holiday while eating yummy songpyeon.”

Dita is one of the very few Indonesian K-pop idols. For her holidays, Dita shared, “These days, I’ve been enjoying cooking in our dorm. For Chuseok this year, if the opportunity arises, I want to try making traditional Chuseok food with my members.”

Although Secret Number only made their debut this past May, this is not the first Chuseok Dita has spent in Korea. She commented, “During Chuseok last year when I was a trainee, we received a vacation so Japanese member Léa and I went to the Dongmyo flea market. On our way back to the dorm, we wanted to visit a pretty cafe. There were a lot of places that were closed due to the holidays so I remember wandering around for many hours.”

Dita shared that the group did not receive a vacation for Chuseok this year, saying, “Since we’re busily preparing our next album, I think we’ll be practicing during Chuseok this year. Although we don’t get a vacation, I’m not that upset because we’re doing this to showcase a good image. One day, if we receive another vacation during the holidays, I want to wear pretty hanboks [traditional Korean clothing] with my members and take photos.”

While looking at the full moon, Dita plans to wish, “Please let Secret Number promote well for a long, long time.” She continued, “I’ll also make a wish for the COVID-19 situation to improve quickly so that we can safely meet our fans again.”

As a final comment, Dita shared, “Due to COVID-19, you may feel frustrated that you cannot travel freely this Chuseok but I hope everyone stays strong. I especially hope everyone takes care of their health. In the future, please continue to support Secret Number lots.”

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