Watch: T-ara, SS501, U-KISS, Teen Top, And Narsha Perform

SBS held a special concert to celebrate some of K-pop’s “guilty pleasures” that have recently reentered the spotlight!

On October 2, SBS aired a Chuseok special playfully entitled “The Songs-That-You-Listen-To-In-Hiding Concert.” The show was dedicated to past hits that have recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity within Korea—but which are also notorious for being “guilty pleasures” that people are sometimes embarrassed to be caught listening to.

Encouraging people to “come out of hiding” and confidently enjoy these songs out in the open, members of T-ara, SS501, U-KISS, and Teen Top came together with Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha to perform some of their old hits for the first time in years.

Narsha kicked off the show with her 2010 solo track “Bbi-Ri-Bop-A” and commented, “I’m moved by the fact that I’m actually singing this song again. I’m performing this song on stage for the first time in 10 years.”

Teen Top then performed their 2011 hit “No More Perfume on You,” which features some cringeworthy lyrics in which the narrator asks a woman not to use perfume because “I might get caught by my girlfriend.”

Changjo recalled with a laugh, “I’m the youngest member of the group, and back then, I didn’t know what the lyrics meant. After I found out, I was really embarrassed and ashamed.”

The group also went on to perform their high-energy 2013 dance track “Rocking.”

U-KISS was up next with a performance of their 2009 breakthrough hit “Man Man Ha Ni,” which is often covered by K-pop groups. Soohyun remarked, “Thanks to [this show], I was able to perform together with Kevin for the first time in a long while. To be honest, I was really moved to tears.”

The Teen Top and U-KISS members then joined forces for a fun collaboration performance of U-KISS’s 2010 song “Shut Up,” and SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong commented admiringly, “They really seem like one group.”

T-ara went on to perform both their 2011 smash hit “Roly Poly” and their 2012 title track “Sexy Love,” earning the praise of choreographer Bae Yoon Jung (best-known for her appearance on Mnet’s “Produce” series). The choreographer remarked, “As always, you can’t talk about dancing without mentioning T-ara. Their songs are also so great.”

 Finally, SS501 closed the show with a performance of their legendary 2008 hit “U R Man,” which is notorious in Korea for being an earworm with a catchy hook that is impossible to get out of your head during exam time.

After it was brought up that many people mistakenly think the title of the song is “I’m Your Man” (a phrase that is repeated multiple times in the chorus), Heo Young Saeng revealed, “I told the song’s composer back then that since the lyrics are ‘I’m your man,’ people will remember this song as ‘I’m Your Man,’ so we need to go with ‘I’m Your Man’ for the title. But the composer kept disagreeing and saying that the title needed to be ‘U R Man.'”

“I kept insisting, but he stubbornly stuck with ‘U R Man’ up until the very end,” lamented Heo Young Saeng.

Which K-pop songs are your favorite “guilty pleasures”? Let us know in the comments below!

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