Kim Jung Eun Is Determined To Get Rid Of Evidence In Upcoming Mysterious Thriller

MBN’s upcoming drama “My Dangerous Wife” has unveiled its first stills of Kim Jung Eun in her new role!

“My Dangerous Wife” is about a couple who married for love but struggles to keep their marriage alive. Choi Won Young plays Kim Yoon Cheol, while Kim Jung Eun stars as Shim Jae Kyung.

Kim Jung Eun’s character Shim Jae Kyung is deemed the “perfect wife” who is beautiful, intelligent, kind, and wealthy. However, one day, she becomes involved in a mysterious kidnapping incident.

Judging from the description of her flawless personality, it seems like Shim Jae Kyung will become the victim of a kidnapping case, but the new stills actually point out she may be the one who is behind the incident. Her face is deathly pale with uneasiness, and her eyes are wide with panic. She is wearing a plastic gown and surgical gloves, and there her hands and legs are covered with blood.

Things become even more suspicious when Shim Jae Kyung quickly wipes the bloodstains off the floor with a determined expression. What exactly is she trying to hide, and who do those bloodstains belong to?

The production team of “My Dangerous Wife” said, “Kim Jung Eun is an actress who is amazing at controlling her emotions and immersing into her role. She brilliantly portrayed this scene that shows a moment of crisis. This will be a mystery thriller where you won’t be able to predict who is the victim and who is the perpetrator.”

“My Dangerous Wife” will premiere on October 5 at 11 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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