Watch: Na Eun And Gun Hoo Rejoin

Na Eun and Gun Hoo are back!

On October 4, KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman” aired a new preview teasing the return of Park Joo Ho and his family to the show. In the hilariously chaotic clip, the soccer player and his beloved kids Na Eun and Gun Hoo announce that they will be rejoining the program together with baby Jin Woo, the newest addition to their family.

Park Joo Ho begins the video by saying, “Finally, for the first time in a long while, I’m able to greet you like this. We should have greeted you earlier, but due to various circumstances, we’re greeting you a bit late.” However, Na Eun soon interrupts him to whisper in his ear that she wants to talk first, and her dad readily agrees, “Go ahead.”

After Na Eun adorably announces that she had Korean knife-cut noodle soup (kal-guksu) for lunch that day, Park Joo Ho continues, “Finally, we’ve returned after a long time!” He then calls Gun Hoo over to the camera, which sparks a heated battle between the two siblings over who gets to stand in front of the camera. In the end, Park Joo Ho intervenes by jokingly declaring that he, too, wants to be on camera and pushing his two kids away.

Once Park Joo Ho has managed to reestablish a certain level of order, Na Eun tells the camera, “We’ll sleep tonight and go to you tomorrow,” and her dad adds, “Happy Chuseok!” However, the preview amusingly points out that Chuseok is already over.

Na Eun and Gun Hoo’s battle for camera time resumes, and Park Joo Ho points out, “If you come back here, we can all be [on camera] at the same time.” He then tells the viewers, “We love you!” Na Eun chimes in, “See you on Halloween,” to which her dad laughs, “Why would we see them on Halloween?”

As for the whereabouts of Na Eun and Gun Hoo’s younger brother Jin Woo, Park Joo Ho shares, “He’s sleeping right now, so we’ll show him to you through the program. Bye bye!”

Finally, the preview ends with a brief clip of Na Eun and Gun Hoo playing together at home. After playing a game in which they attempt to identify animals, the two siblings dance to BTS’s “Dynamite” and try their best to imitate the group’s choreography.

At the end, Park Joo Ho tells his kids to clean up their game, to which Na Eun responds, “Dad, since you played too, you have to clean up together with us.”

Check out the preview of Park Joo Ho’s family’s return below!

Watch “The Return of Superman” with English subtitles here:

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