UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok Talks About Making Acting Debut In “Twenty Twenty” + Friendships With A.C.E’s Chan And More

In a recent interview, UP10TION’s Kim Woo Seok shared his thoughts on his recent acting debut in “Twenty Twenty.”

“Twenty Twenty,” a romance drama from the creators of the hit “A-TEEN” series, tells the story of six young people coming of age and tackling the difficult questions brought on by adulthood. In his first-ever acting role, Kim Woo Seok is starring in the drama as the lonely Lee Hyun Jin, whose parents always prioritized work over family.

The ongoing drama, which is both airing on JTBC and being released online, was a hit right out of the gate, racking up over 30 million views online. Speaking about the drama’s instant popularity, Kim Woo Seok humbly commented, “I was really surprised by how much love the drama received. I have nothing but gratitude [for the viewers], who made it possible for us to get off to such a good start. I hope that they’ll continue to show a lot of love for ‘Twenty Twenty,’ which will become even more fun to watch in future episodes.”

As for how he wound up venturing into acting for the first time, the idol revealed, “While I was preparing for my solo debut, I suddenly developed the urge to try acting for the first time. It just so happened that I had the opportunity to see the drama’s synopsis, and I ended up being able to act for the first time in ‘Twenty Twenty,’ the drama that I had most wanted to be a part of [out of the projects I considered]. I’m so grateful.”

When asked whether it had been daunting to make his acting debut in a leading role, Kim Woo Seok replied, “It’s true that I felt pressure. Although I’m lacking as an actor, I worked hard to disappear inside my character as much as possible so that I could show the viewers good things. I really tried my best, and as someone who was taking on the challenge of acting for the first time, I learned a lot.”

He added, “I think I’ll remember this drama for the rest of my life.”

In response to a question about whether he and his character were similar in terms of personality, Kim Woo Seok remarked, “To be honest, before filming began, I thought that we had a lot in common. But once we actually started filming, I realized that the character of Hyun Jin and I actually had more differences than similarities.”

However, Kim Woo Seok added that he and Lee Hyun Jin still shared some significant similarities in terms of their experiences and concerns.

“Because ‘Twenty Twenty’ tells the story of the ‘firsts’ that Hyun Jin experiences after turning 20, I was able to relate to those emotions,” he said. “For example, after turning 20, Hyun Jin starts worrying about his dreams. Hyun Jin is working through the same concerns that I had when I first started producing music, so I was able to understand his feelings, and that allowed me to really get into character.”

When asked what he had been like at that age, Kim Woo Seok replied, “Just like Hyun Jin, I was a kid with a lot of worries. I debuted when I was 20, so I think my nervousness about ‘firsts,’ my worries about my dreams, and my determination to succeed were all similar to Hyun Jin’s.”

Kim Woo Seok went on to talk about his chemistry with his co-star Han Sung Min, who plays his love interest Chae Da Hee in the drama.

“As ‘Twenty Twenty’ was my first acting project, I learned a lot from Sung Min,” he shared. “I think that as we filmed together and gradually became more comfortable around one another, our acting chemistry improved as well.”

The idol-turned-actor also revealed that he has become very close with “01 squad” members A.C.E’s Chan and Jin Ho Eun, who play his friends in “Twenty Twenty.”

“I always looked forward to filming my scenes with the ’01 squad,'” he recalled. “Whenever we filmed together, we had so much fun that I really felt like I was actually just hanging out with my friends. We became really close in real life as well, and I’m happy because it feels like I’ve made friends that I’ll continue to see often in the future.”

Kim Woo Seok added, “Even though he’s not a member of the ’01 squad,’ I’m also close with Ha Joon [Park Sang Nam]. In the drama, our characters see each other as rivals, but we’re actually friends in real life.”

Finally, when asked to rate his own acting performance, Kim Woo Seok responded, “I’ve only just started, so I feel like it’s too hard to give myself a score. I’m grateful that people are looking kindly on my performance. I will continue to be a Kim Woo Seok that works my hardest to show good things and keep improving.”

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