Update: NCT Gives A Glimpse Of All The Fun And Chaos In Teaser For Full-Group Reality Show

Updated October 13 KST:

NCT’s new reality show on Mnet has shared another trailer! The teaser for “NCT WORLD 2.0” features a look at each of the members in their cubes during the show. At the end of the high-energy introduction of each of the 23 members, Doyoung is shown slumping to the side and saying, “This is their fault, not ours!”

Check it out below!

Original Article:

NCT’s new reality show released its first trailer!

Mnet’s “NCT WORLD 2.0” is the first reality show starring all 23 members, including new additions Shotaro and Sungchan. The show will be based on the concept of a multiverse, featuring multiple dimensions.

As the teaser begins, an enormous set with cubes stacked onto each other comes into view. This structure represents a multiverse containing the years 2016 through 2020. The members each occupy a space and are trapped within the figurative time frame until they go through a set number of challenges.

From here on, the video shows various members reacting to their given challenges. An air of suspense is built as it is unclear whether the members will succeed in making it out. In the end, Lucas seems to give up and says, “Let’s just stay here until tomorrow, everyone!”

Do you think they’ll make the escape? Watch the teaser below and make a guess:

“NCT WORLD 2.0” will premiere on October 15 at 7:50 p.m. KST and will consist of eight episodes.

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