Key Points To Look Forward To In Upcoming MBC Fantasy Thriller

The premiere of MBC’s new fantasy thriller drama “Kairos” is soon approaching!

“Kairos” is a time-crossing fantasy thriller that follows the interconnected fates of Kim Seo Jin (Shin Sung Rok), a man who falls into despair after his daughter is kidnapped, and Han Ae Ri (Lee Se Young), a woman who is searching for her missing mother. From Kim Seo Jin’s perspective, Han Ae Ri is living exactly one month in the past—but after the two miraculously communicate from their different times, they set out on a thrilling quest to save their missing loved ones.

Ahead of the upcoming premiere, here are three key points to look forward to in “Kairos”!

1. The life-ruining tragedy and the journey of awaking from that nightmare

Kim Seo Jin is a man who chases success to support his family, while Han Ae Ri endures the cruel world just to save enough money for her mother’s medical fees. Suddenly, Kim Seo Jin’s only daughter and Han Ae Ri’s mother go missing and the two both find their worlds crumbling down. They carry out their interconnected fates through the phone as they try their best to save one another from their worst nightmares.

2. The connection between the past and future

At exactly 10:33 p.m., Kim Seo Jin in the future and Han Ae Ri in the past are able to “time-cross” for exactly one minute. To Kim Seo Jin, who is trying to prevent his daughter’s kidnapping, Han Ae Ri living one month behind him is pivotal. The same applies to Han Ae Ri, who needs help from the future to solve her mother’s disappearance. Viewers can look forward to how the pair use their different times to provide each other the information they need to save their families.

3. The race against time!

With the collaboration between writer Lee Soo Hyun and director Park Seung Woo, curiosity is rising to see how their production will develop a fast-paced, nerve-wracking storyline. Additionally, the acting skills and chemistry of main actors Shin Sung Rok, Lee Se Young, Ahn Bo Hyun, Nam Gyu Ri, and WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon are surely to shine through this project.

MBC’s “Kairos” premieres on October 26 at 9:20 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!

Check out Shin Sung Rok in “Perfume” below:

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