Watch: Jang Dong Yoon, f(x)'s Krystal, And More Talk About Working Together For New Drama

OCN’s “Search” has released a special interview of their main cast!

“Search” is a mystery thriller about a specialized search party that sets out to uncover the truth behind mysterious disappearances and murders in the demilitarized zone (DMZ).

On October 5, OCN uploaded an interview with Jang Dong Yoon, f(x)’s Krystal, Moon Jung Hee, Yoon Park, and Lee Hyun Wook.

When asked about the atmosphere on set, all the actors commented on how upbeat the cast is and how they all cheer each other on, despite how physically demanding the filming is. Krystal explained, “As it’s a military thriller drama, physically, all the actors are…” before stopping to laugh. “We’re all working hard,” she added. “In order to show a new image, we’re all staying strong in the mountains and filming diligently.”

Yoon Park said, “The atmosphere is very hot. The weather is also hot. We are also feeling hot,” and laughed.

Regarding their decision to appear in “Search,” Jang Dong Yoon explained, “I picked it because the subject matter was unique and the character was charming.”

The actor also talked about his chemistry with Krystal, sharing, “Since she is a very bright and open-minded person, it wasn’t hard to approach her. I think that was what allowed our chemistry to happen so seamlessly.”

Krystal commented, “When I first met Jang Dong Yoon, it felt like I already knew him. He was very friendly and when we talked about our first impressions, I already felt comfortable with him. I thought that I’d also feel very comfortable with him on set, which I was. We get along well and he’s fun.” While laughing she continued, “He’s funny. A bit weird.”

When discussing the hard parts about filming, Jang Dong Yoon explained, “There are a lot of action scenes and we had to film in very rough environments like mountains and swamps. Filming in those places inevitably made us prone to injury. However, we did our best to film safely, so we were able to do so.”

Krystal talked about meeting with a real-life female soldier in order to receive tips on how not to look awkward on screen. She said, “I think I asked a lot of questions in order to account for those aspects.”

Yoon Park gave a similar answer, sharing, “First off, my angles weren’t coming out right. Since shooting guns and stuff like that is not something we’ve experienced, we trained for about two months. After that and then trying it out on set, I slowly got used to it.” Lee Hyun Wook also mentioned how much the actors had to pay attention to the formality of military personnel.

The cast also touched on the charm of “Search,” with Jang Dong Yoon sharing, “There’s fun in seeing how the search party acts together, their military life, as well as the thriller action.” He added, “Although the subject matter may be unique, I think there’s a lot of fun and entertainment mixed into it.”

Krystal continued, “First off, it’s the first military thriller drama. There’s thrill but also a lot of other topics that can be refreshing to watch.”

Moon Jung Hee shared, “For OCN dramas, there are times when film directors take on dramas. I think viewers will be able to see a film-like vibe. Additionally, it’s unique and uncommon to see a military thriller drama.”

Lastly, the stars asked viewers to stay safe and give lots of love to “Search”!

“Search” premieres on October 17 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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