Rain's Agency Issues Warning To Sasaengs Coming To His Home

Rain’s agency has issued a warning against sasaengs who have been harassing the artist by coming to his home.

Hello, this is Sublime Artist Agency.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of people going to our artist Rain’s house and engaging in behavior such as ringing the doorbell and yelling.

We ask you to stop coming to his home.

This inappropriate behavior by these so-called fans is causing not only the artist himself, but also his family who lives with him to feel great fear. They should no longer have to feel anxious in their own home, which is a private space and the place they should feel most comfortable in.

If these behaviors that threaten the artist and invade his privacy continue, we will take all possible legal measures to protect our artist both mentally and physically. There will be no leniency regarding acts that inflict harm on our artist and his family, and this post is our final warning before we take legal action.

Watch Rain in “I-LAND” below:

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